‘Drake & Josh’ Star To Be A Dad For The First Time, His Co-Star’s Priceless Reaction

Kevin WinterGetty Images

One of the stars of the iconic Nickelodeon television series Drake & Josh is about to become a father for the first time and they shared the news with their former co-star, who responded with a priceless reaction.

Josh Peck and Drake Bell became child stars and teen icons during their run as Josh Nichols and Drake Parker on Drake & Josh. The characters were stepbrothers who became each other’s best friend during the show’s run on the children’s television channel from 2004-2007.

Josh Peck recently announced that he and his wife of one year Paige O’Brien are expecting their first child.

In the vlog, which Peck posted online, he was seen telling his family and friends that his wife was pregnant.

Perhaps the one moment viewers waited for was if Peck would surprise Bell with the news and indeed he delivered. Peck was seen sitting on a sofa and Bell sat beside him.

“What’s going on man?” Bell asked his friend of almost two decades.

“My wife is having a baby.”

“Dude, this is so wild,” said a clearly stunned Bell in response to Peck’s declaration.

“Are we that old?” Bell questioned. “Dude this is nuts.”

Bell then asked his former co-star if the newborn can call him “Uncle Drake” and if he can teach the child how to play guitar.

But perhaps what Peck said next warmed the hearts of longtime Drake & Josh fans most of all.

Peck remarked, “You need to have a kid soon so our kids can be friends and have their own TV show.”

Bell responded with, “That’s brilliant!”

It was just one year ago that the longtime pals, who started their careers together as co-stars of Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show, were not even on speaking terms.

Reportedly, Peck did not invite Bell to his June wedding to O’Brien in 2017.

Bell remarked to Seventeen that the two have since cleared the air.

“We talked about it and I was like, ‘Dude I’m just a little bummed,’ and he was like, ‘Honestly, first of all, I didn’t think you’d wanna come, secondly, it was such a nightmare putting it all together, and scheduling and invitations, and then I just let my wife handle it all,'” he said.

Also appearing in the video was Fuller House star John Stamos, who made a short but sweet appearance in the 16-minute video, telling his former Grandfathered co-star that he’s “over the moon” over the announcement.

“You are gonna be the greatest father on the planet,” said Stamos, who welcomed his first child Billy in April. “The fact that I had a kid and you’re having a kid, it’s perfect.”