Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Almost Suffer Awkward Date Night With JLo’s Ex Casper Smart

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Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez suffered a pretty awkward date night this week after the twosome stepped out in West Hollywood, only to find themselves dining at the same restaurant as JLo’s former boyfriend Casper Smart. Per Entertainment Tonight, the couple spent some quality time together at Craig’s where Casper just so happened to be dining, too.

The site claimed that the dancer appeared to be having a “meeting” as Jennifer and Alex dined together at the same restaurant on August 27, which likely made for some pretty awkward conversation between the couple.

However, according to the outlet’s eyewitness, despite dating for five years between the years of 2011 and 2016, Lopez and Smart did not interact with one another at all after finding themselves in the same place at the same time.

According to the eyewitness who was inside the California eatery, “the exes did not speak nor even see each other” despite being in such close quarters.

ET captured photos of Jennifer and Alex leaving the restaurant together via the back exit as she kept things pretty casual in a blue tracksuit while covering her eyes with big shades. The site claimed that, despite what could potentially have turned into a very awkward run-in, Jennifer was still in “good spirits” as she left the venue with the former baseball player.

The paparazzi also snapped Casper leaving Craig’s, though he opted to keep his head down as the photogs snapped photos.

But this actually isn’t the first time Lopez and Smart have almost run into each other in the wake of their 2016 split.

Yahoo! reported last year that Casper was spotted at the same club as Lopez while she was out and about with friend Leah Remini, though it’s not clear if they interacted.

Jennifer Lopez & boyfriend Alex Rodriguez almost run into Casper Smart at a restaurant
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But despite their post-breakup run-ins, Casper told Entertainment Tonight in 2017 that he has “nothing but love” for the “Dinero” singer and her A-Rod who have been dating for just over a year and even admitted that the twosome are still friends following their five-year on/off romance.

“[We’re] friends,” he told the site at the time of how their relationship is even though they’re no longer a couple, noting that he and Lopez have “nothing but respect and love for each other” following their breakup.

He then added that he was “of course” happy for Lopez and Rodriguez after they went public with their relationship, before then adding, “I want nothing but the best and love [for her].”

As Inquisitr recently reported, Lopez opened up about her romance with Alex in a new interview, admitting that she didn’t think their relationship would work in the same way it does now if they’d first met while in their 20s.