August 28, 2018
'Young & Hungry' Fans Hope Netflix Picks Up Series

Fans of the Freeform series Young & Hungry were served a combination of good and bad news this past week. For those without cable – or those who just want to binge through the final season of the series one more time – Part 2 of Season 5 was recently dropped into the Netflix library.

Unfortunately, Emily Osment – who plays the role of Gabi – recently took to Twitter to announce that not only did Freeform decide not to renew the series for a Season 6, the network had also pulled the plug on any plans to produce a Young & Hungry movie to provide closure on the cliffhanger series finale.

Tagging and taking a slight dig at the network in her tweet, Emily also tagged Jonathan Sadowski – who played the role of her on again, off again love interest Josh – assuring their fans that both she and Jonathan loved them all dearly.

According to What's On Netflix, fans of the Freeform series have begun to rally on social media with the hopes that Netflix will step in and save the series. Netflix Life referred to Freeform's choice to pull the plug as a "poor decision" that "can't be the end of the road."

Given the fact that all five seasons of Young & Hungry are available to Netflix subscribers and the fact that it wouldn't be the first time the streaming giant saved a series or revived it long enough to give it a proper ending, the pleas from fans make sense.

In just four days, Emily's 3.46 million followers on Twitter had liked her tweet over 10,000 times, retweeted it over 1,000 times, and responded to it just shy of 1,000 times. Hashtags like "#NetflixSavesYoungAndHungry," "#SaveYoungandHungry," and "#renewyoungandhungry" have started to grow legs on Twitter as a response.

Some Twitter users are also using hashtags such as "unfollowFreeform" and "ShameOnFreeform" as they try to cope with the fact that the series ended on a cliffhanger.
As Netflix Life reminds fans who have seen the end of Season 5 – and warns those who haven't – the series ends on a horrible cliffhanger. The media outlet believes Netflix – at the very least – picking the series up long enough to give it a proper ending through a finale movie would be an ideal way to teach networks such as Freeform a lesson.
"There's value in fan service and allowing stories to conclude on their own terms," Netflix Life explained as it justified the importance of TV shows offering some form of natural ending.

After following Young & Hungry for five years, the consensus among fans is that they deserve a satisfying ending that isn't a cliffhanger.