August 28, 2018
Scripted Hand-Holding Between Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler Stirs Gossip

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are filming a new movie for Netflix, and some on-set photos have caused quite a few imaginative headlines. The two actors play a hand-holding couple in the comedy film Murder Mystery. According to an early synopsis posted to IMDb, Aniston and Sandler's characters are vacationing in Europe when they accidentally get mixed up in a billionaire's death. Although Sandler plays a New York City cop, the two still end up on the run after someone frames them for murder.

Several images have been posted online that show the talented duo holding hands. What is unknown at this time, though, is whether any of the photos were obtained while the two weren't actively rehearsing or filming. Considering that the PDA picture posted by People clearly shows a microphone and some other filmmaking-related equipment, though, it's probably safe to assume that these gossip-inducing images aren't anything for Adam Sandler's wife to worry about.

Despite this, Hollywood gossip sites such as Radar Online have run countless recent images of one scripted walk that Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston took in Milan. In these photos, Sandler is seen sporting a mustache, sunglasses, and a Hawaiian shirt. Aniston is wearing a white floral print dress and clutching onto a small white bag. Metro made it clear that the two were merely filming a scene in these images, and they characterized the on-screen couple as looking "stressed," not romantic.

Sandler and Aniston last worked together in the 2011 romantic comedy Just Go with It. Although that movie was panned widely by critics, it accumulated a worldwide gross of almost $215 million. Netflix doesn't announce viewership numbers or any type of gross revenue per film, so it will be much more difficult to determine if this pairing of the A-list actors is a commercial success.

Adam Sandler has been married to his wife, Jackie, since 2003. Jennifer Aniston and her first husband, Brad Pitt, famously split up after Pitt began an on-set romance with Angelina Jolie. Since that time, Aniston has been married and divorced once more, and the relationship between Pitt and Jolie not only fell apart but has allegedly taken a nasty turn in court.

Recent rumors have also linked Aniston and Pitt back together, with some sites going so far as to assert that they've gotten engaged again. Gossip Cop debunked this rumor last month. Jennifer Aniston may not have a real-life romance right now, but audiences can look forward to seeing her and Adam Stiller holding hands on the small screen in 2019.