Rudy Giuliani Says He Hasn't Heard From Robert Mueller In Weeks

On Monday, President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani claimed that neither he nor the president's other lawyers have heard anything from special counsel Robert Mueller in almost three weeks.

Claiming that Mueller's team previously informed him that the special counsel is "still studying" the Trump legal team's most recent letter, Giuliani said, "I figured we wouldn't hear until after the Manafort trial, but we (still) haven't."

"I have to figure they're planning something," he added.

According to CNN, Giuliani asserted that Mueller might issue a full report of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election without ever speaking directly to President Trump himself, which could ultimately distract voters, pulling their attention away from the upcoming midterm elections in November. On the other hand, Giuliani also suggested that Mueller might be willing to negotiate with the president's legal team or he might simply be waiting to contact them until after the midterm elections are over.

Nearly three weeks earlier, Giuliani informed CNN that President Trump's lawyers had finally issued a response to the special counsel's request for an interview with the president, attempting to negotiate how and when the interview would take place and control what questions would be asked.

During a radio show interview on August 8 with President Trump's other attorney Jay Sekulow, Giuliani confirmed that the legal team had officially given Mueller an answer. "Obviously, he should take a few days to consider it, but we should get this resolved," he continued. "We do not want to run into the November elections. So back up from that, this should be over by September 1st."

Only days before, Giuliani claimed that the president's supporters would "revolt" if he were ever impeached, noting that impeachment would be "totally horrible" but would ultimately never happen.

In an interview with Sky News, the former New York City mayor said that there was simply "no reason" for impeachment. "He didn't collude with the Russians, he didn't obstruct justice, everything Cohen says has been disproved," he insisted. "You could only impeach him for political reasons, and the American people would revolt against that."


Claiming that President Trump has already been "completely cleared" of any wrongdoing, Giuliani defended his client by attacking the credibility of Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen. "You have this Cohen guy," he said, "he doesn't know anything about Russian collusion, doesn't know anything about obstruction, he's a massive liar."

"If anything," Giuliani added, "it's turned very much in the president's favor."