August 28, 2018
TJ Lavin Injured In Biking Accident: MTV's 'The Challenge' Host Banged Up In Vegas BMX Incident

MTV's The Challenge host TJ Lavin has never shied away from making risky moves when it comes to his BMX biking and that was apparent during some videos he shared via his Instagram Stories on Monday. Lavin overshot the landing on a jump he'd been trying to perfect and it landed him in the hospital. Luckily, he seems to be doing fine and was joking about it, but he did take a pretty bad spill.

TJ Lavin shared a handful of video clips on Monday via his Instagram Stories detailing the incident and subsequent injuries. In fact, he had a buddy recording the ill-fated jump as he made it and he shared that short video. It doesn't show him actually crashing, because he was on the other side of the jump. However, he can be heard as he crashed and he showed the aftermath.

Lavin was taken to the hospital and kept Challenge and BMX fans updated as he was treated. He primarily banged up one knee and had a gash in his forehead, and he needed a handful of stitches.

Later, TJ headed back to the scene of the accident and walked through what happened. He explained that he landed mostly on the one knee, and one of the bike handlebars managed to get between his head and his helmet to give him the large gash.

Luckily, Lavin got some tests, including a CT scan of his head, and everything came back clear. He joked about how he's 41-years-old and still going at it, and it doesn't sound as if this accident will slow him down much, if at all.

The Challenge host also shared a short clip of heading to the gym and his wife Roxanne was there. He asked her how she puts up with him, and she admitted that it isn't always easy. In fact, she ended up sharing a photo from one of Lavin's BMX buddies via her Instagram Stories that compared TJ's post-accident injured face to the infamous horror-movie Chucky doll, and one can't really miss the resemblance.

As Us Weekly details, this is hardly Lavin's most serious scare when it comes to accidents. Many Challenge fans remember when he spent more than a month in the hospital, part of that time in a medically-induced coma, after an accident in October 2010. He also had a near-drowning experience shortly after that when he was filming a season of the MTV series.

TJ Lavin loves biking and this latest accident won't be slowing him down at all. He's currently seen hosting MTV's The Challenge: Final Reckoning and fans hope that there's plenty more to come down the road.