August 28, 2018
Emily Ratajkowski Takes A Bubble Bath And Shows Off Her Lower Back In A Series Of Instagram Pics

Emily Ratajkowski is back at it again, this time with a series of three flirty Instagram posts that emulate Polaroid photos. In the first picture, she sits in a bathtub with a ton of bubbles, as she holds a shower head in her right hand. Her hair looks shorter than usual, and considering her latest photo shows her with her usual locks, it's possible Emrata was sporting a wig. She had huge bangs brushed to the left.

In the second photo, Emily is standing with her back facing the camera. She has a towel wrapped around herself, but it's sliding kind of low on her back, making for a revealing photo. She's by a shower and a vanity. The third photo is from the same angle and setting as the first, except this time she's facing the right back corner. Plus, the towel is falling even lower on her back this time than the second photo.

The actress-model also posted another series of three Polaroid-like pics around the same time. In this series, she's wearing the same wig as she casually poses against a city background. The first photo is black and white, while the second and third photos reveal that she's wearing a nice orange-red top and some dark eyeliner.

The second photo shows Emily looking right at the camera as she holds her left hand close to her face, showing off her giant engagement ring and gold wedding band. The third photo is of Emrata holding onto a metal post as she looked to the left. Fans loved these photos for its vintage feel, as one person said, "Dare I say Monroe esque." Perhaps it's her hairstyle that's giving off the Marilyn Monroe vibes, as another said that "You kinda remind me of a young Sofia Loren with this look."Of course, Emily's fans also went crazy for her bathtub and bathroom pics, as one person said, "I fancy her so much!" and another stated "Bold & beautiful." Emrata has a history of sharing snaps from the bathroom, as the last one from July 27 was taken in a bathroom with large and wide mirrors. In that photo, Emily showed off her behind in a polka-dot one-piece that had a thong bottom.

And in late May, Emily shared a photo of herself leaning over a tiny sink in another bathroom with gold hardware wearing black jeans and a revealing silver top.