Ben Affleck’s Hollywood Lifestyle Makes It Hard For Him To Stay Sober, According To ‘People’

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Hollywood has been both a blessing and a curse for Ben Affleck.

While the luxurious lifestyle has awarded him nice houses, fancy cars, and gourmet meals, it has also taken a toll on him. Carol Liot, who is the clinical director of The Dunes in East Hampton Northwest Harbor, New York, recently sat down for an interview with People where she shared her expert advice while also suggesting that the Hollywood lifestyle has been bad for Affleck and his struggle to stay sober.

“We have a lot of high profile clients like Ben Affleck and what we do notice is that their lifestyles are so demanding that I think it makes it difficult to maintain all that.”

Additionally, though it is known that Affleck knew that he needed to seek help and get treatment to battle his inner demons, Liot suggests that actors and actresses have a tougher time at recovery since everything they do is watched under the microscope and they really don’t have any privacy.

“Everything they do is sort of public knowledge,” she says. “If they’re an actor like Ben Affleck, just staying consistent with the aftercare treatment can be very challenging, depending where you are on set and where you are in the world — and kind of the demands of your work schedule.”

Liot also made it clear that addiction is not some sort of “character flaw” and every day it is a battle for people who are affected to stay sober. And since addiction affects people on multiple levels, it needs to be treated on multiple levels, which is why it can take some time and isn’t just solved in a few days.

As the Inquisitr shared late last week, Jennifer Garner staged an intervention for her ex-husband. The mother of three was seen entering and exiting Affleck’s house two times, and after the first time, Garner was photographed looking very upset, even shaking. A source close to the famous pair shared that Garner took Ben to rehab because it was a crisis situation and something that needed to be done immediately.

A source close to the famous couple shared that Jennifer’s No. 1 priority is her children but she felt the need to take her ex-husband to rehab because it was getting to be that of a crisis situation.

“It’s very stressful for her. And also devastating for her to have to stage an intervention in the middle of the afternoon, pretty much in public. But this was a crisis situation.”

Hopefully, Affleck can get the help that he needs.