A Sex Doll Brothel – Yes, That’s A Thing – Is Opening In Toronto, Will Be North America’s First

North America’s first sex doll brothel is set to open in Toronto, with customers laying down $80 or more for a “session” with the lifelike silicon creations, City News is reporting.

A sex doll, for those not familiar, is just what you think it is: a lifelike humanoid doll, made of silicon, that mimics the look and feel of a real woman, with which someone can have sex. The customizable creations can be made to mimic any size, shape, skin color, eye color, hair color, and so on. And though the industry doesn’t like to talk about it, sex dolls resembling little girls are also a thing. As of this writing, the industry produces only female dolls, but male dolls are rumored to be in the works.

Costing as much as $5,000-$10,000, according to Silicon Wives, the price point makes them out of reach for most potential users.

However, Aura Dolls, in its nondescript shopping center on Toronto’s Yonge Street, is here to solve that problem, offering the “services” of the dolls on a rental basis. Marketing director Claire Lee says that the brothel’s website, which will not be linked to here, offers the names of the dolls, descriptions, and prices.

“We operate similar to a brothel where guests come in, they have their own room. We have a TV monitor that plays adult entertainment and a doll … will be ready and waiting for you in your room.”

Prices start at about $80 per hour, or you can splurge for a group rate of $960 for two dolls for up to four hours.

Lee says the customers’ privacy will be treated as of the utmost importance.

“They put their payment down on the counter and they go straight to their room. They’ll probably not bump into a single person. We don’t have staff there, just a camera. The payment is taken at the beginning, you go into the room, do your time and just leave.”

Lee promises that the dolls will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

The sex doll industry remains controversial. Supporters say that the lifelike creations can help men relieve their urges without having to resort to the illegal sex trade or even sexual assault. Similarly, as reported by the Inquisitr, manufacturers and retailers of childlike sex dolls say that their products will help pedophiles find non-criminal outlets for their urges. Opponents, however, say that the creations dehumanize women and children and aren’t likely to make a real dent in the number of sex crimes.

Meanwhile, the industry is making advances, and soon fully-functional “sex robots,” which not only mimic the look and feel but also the movements and sounds of an actual person, will soon be available.