Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise,’ Episode 4A: Krystal Nielson Faces Tough Choices And A Wild, Unique Date

Paul HebertABC

Another juicy episode of Bachelor in Paradise is coming up on ABC Monday night and a new sneak peek teases some tantalizing tidbits. Krystal Nielson may be in the early stages of a romance with Chris Randone heading into this August 27 show, but BIP spoilers hint that trouble may soon be brewing.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Krystal Nielson will be thrown into a complicated triangle when Connor Obrochta shows up as a new contestant during Monday’s show. It turns out that Connor is the one guy Krystal had hoped to meet in Mexico during filming and now a new sneak peek shows how upset Chris Randone gets as this unique date plays out.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from the clip shared on the show’s Twitter page revealed that Krystal had previously told Chris how much she’d been hoping to meet Connor. So, once Obrochta shows up and asks Nielson on his date, Randone knows that this could be a serious problem.

Heading into the date, Krystal will acknowledge that this date makes Chris very nervous since he knows how much she was hoping Connor would arrive. Despite the fact that she likes Randone, Nielson will say that she doesn’t want to miss out, especially when she’d been so anxious to meet Obrochta. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that she’ll initially decline the date invitation, but Connor will be persistent and she’ll ultimately accept.

Chris will be pretty miserable while Krystal is away with Connor. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that he’ll even talk to someone about leaving the show, saying that there’s no point in being there if she switches and dumps him for Connor.

Connor and Krystal’s date will seemingly be right up her alley, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that he’ll be happy to embrace the experience. They’ll lie down in the sand and be covered by palms and sand, and this ritual or ceremony will have something to do with finding their spirit animals. Nielson is heard in the clip talking about how she’s so glad to be there, as she’s feeling a new fire and flame coming into her life.

Later in the date, Connor will jokingly approach her like an animal and she’ll laugh and say it’s perfect. Krystal is clearly enjoying herself, feeling stress-free and giddy as she makes the most of her time with Connor. The two will share steamy kisses and it looks like viewers will be left with the impression that she’ll be leaning toward dumping Chris and pursuing things with Connor.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease, however, that this isn’t the end of Krystal and Chris’ journey. Randone hinted via his Twitter page that fans needed to keep watching, suggesting that everybody would soon see a different side of him. The women will be the next ones handing out roses, but people won’t see Krystal Nielson’s decision between Chris Randone and Connor Obrochta until Tuesday night’s episode and teasers hint that there are twists and turns ahead on this front.