Tom Brady Ends Radio Interview When Asked About Alex Guerrero

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hung up on his weekly phone interview with Boston sports radio station WEEI when co-host Kirk Minihane began asking Brady questions about Alex Guerrero. Guerrero is Brady’s personal trainer, and by all accounts from both parties, his good friend. As such, Guerrero was given access to Brady in almost any way he wanted it, which included having his own office outside the player’s locker room, full sideline access, and he was allowed to travel on the team plane to and from games.

Brady met Guerrero through former teammate Willie McGinest, and he also works with Julian Edelman, who is starting the season with a four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. For several years, Guerrero has been provided what Yahoo describes as “incredible access,” although that changed when he continued to have problems with the law, but more importantly to coach Bill Belichick, he began offering medical advice to his players that contradicted what the team doctors advised.

Guerrero has had problems with the team before. He has been investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for making dubious medical claims associated with products he was selling. He had a sports drink he claimed could prevent and cure concussions. The other concoction he was selling he claimed cured cancer, diabetes, and a host of other major ailments. He had no proof of his claims, and no official medical authority could provide a shred of evidence any of it was true.

Last season, Belichick revoked Guerrero’s all-access pass for advising players to use his approach to healing and fitness rather than that of the Patriots’ team doctors. Guerrero is a holistic healer that uses alternative medicine, which is completely out of alignment with the type of medicine the team doctors employ. It was rumored that his advice could even be harmful to players.

When the Patriots flew to Charlotte last Friday, it was reported that Guerrero was on the team plane, but not the sidelines. When questioned about it, Brady sounded defensive and agitated, and eventually hung up on the interview barely five minutes into it, per the Washington Post.

Brady: “I mean, everybody knows it’s well-documented, you know, the work he and I do together.”

Minihane: “No, I know. I understand that. I’m just trying to figure out because I saw the reports this weekend that he’s traveling with the team. Was he on the sideline on Friday?”

Brady: “Yeah. Alright, guys, have a great day. I’ll talk to you later.”

This is not the first time Brady has walked out on an interview in which he was questioned about Guerrero. No representatives from the team have responded, according to USA Today.