President Donald Trump Seemingly Ignores Question About John McCain’s Legacy During Oval Office Event

Win McNameeGetty Images

President Donald Trump held an event in the Oval Office Monday morning where he talked about ending the North American Free Trade Agreement in favor of a bilateral trade deal with Mexico. The event had some awkward moments throughout the short gathering and now a question by a reporter at the end of the Oval Office event is generating a lot of buzz across social media.

As the Inquisitr shared, President Donald Trump’s Oval Office gathering to announce the end of NAFTA included some difficult moments. Perhaps the most notable related to Trump’s efforts at getting Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on the phone. The wait for the call to connect and successfully come up via the speaker was awkward, and the conversation itself had its tense moments, too.

Toward the end of the event, reporters were trying to ask the president questions. One came up about Senator John McCain and his legacy in the wake of the senator’s death and Trump’s response was notable. ABC News Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl tweeted that he asked the president if he had any thoughts to share on McCain’s legacy. Karl says that Trump heard him, but did not answer the question.

CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller confirmed Monday morning’s incident on Twitter. He noted that rather than provide any type of answer to the McCain legacy question, the president crossed his arms and sat silently as the crew of reporters left the Oval Office.

According to the Daily Beast, the communications staff quickly ushered the press out of the room when they saw that the president was going to refuse to answer Karl’s question. This refusal to comment on McCain comes after several other notable incidents related to Trump and McCain’s death over the weekend.

The Inquisitr has shared that the White House aides had put together a statement regarding Sen. McCain’s death over the weekend, but Trump reportedly refused to use it. Instead, he posted a short tweet that was not particularly well-received on social media. Trump has also reportedly been excluded from being invited to McCain’s funeral service, and everybody knows the two had a combative relationship.

President Donald Trump has been posting on Twitter since the Oval Office event ended, but he hasn’t said anything about the question he seemingly ignored regarding Sen. John McCain. Rather, Trump has been posting tweets endorsing several political candidates ahead of Tuesday’s primaries. One was for Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who is up for re-election and will soon be appointing McCain’s successor. The president seems determined to say as little as he possibly can about the deceased senator, and people are definitely taking notice of his efforts.