‘General Hospital’ Spoilers, Monday, August 27: Ava’s Confronted, Mike’s Panicked, & Margaux’s Questioned

Craig SjodinABC

Tensions will be running high during the August 27 episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that the jaw-dropping confrontation involving Sonny’s father Mike will play out, and Margaux will be facing questions from Drew about that flash drive. Griffin wants answers from Ava and viewers will see Aunt Stella, Jordan, and Curtis heading to family counseling.

As everybody saw during Friday’s show, Mike set off the security alarm after seeing someone in the back of the house not realizing it was a security guard. The sound of the alarm itself panicked Mike, and things got intense as Jason and Carly burst through the front door, Sonny rushed down the stairs, and security came in the back, all three men with guns drawn.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview shared on Twitter reveal that viewers will see this terrifying situation pick up right where it left off. Carly will be screaming to Sonny to alert him that it’s Mike at the center of this alarm and luckily, it sounds as if nobody will be hurt this time. However, this will cause Sonny to get even more serious about finding a care facility that can handle Mike’s escalating needs.

Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey, will be popping up during Monday’s episode as a therapist. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll meet with Curtis, Jordan, and Aunt Stella to try to work through some of their continuing drama. Unfortunately, it won’t take long for Stella to be offended, lash out at Jordan, and get up to leave the session.

Drew happened to come across the flash drive that Margaux has in her room that is surely the one that stores all of his memories. She walked back into the room and saw him with it, and naturally, she got flustered. General Hospital spoilers note that Drew will be suspicious and have questions for her, but how will she respond?

The preview shows Margaux telling Drew that she’ll tell him everything he wants to know. Viewers will have to tune in to see how this conversation progresses, but it seems unlikely that she’ll reveal the truth to Drew about having that flash drive.

Griffin isn’t going to go easy on Ava after hearing about the blanket that Julian snuck into the Quartermaine house. General Hospital spoilers share that he’ll confront Ava and demand answers, and She Knows Soaps notes that she’ll be feeling backed into a corner as this conversation continues. He’ll learn something from her, but will Ava fully come clean about having taken the blanket and helped Nelle?

Sam and Kristina will have a chat during Monday’s show and Sam will be working to encourage and support Kristina. Viewers have a hunch there’s much more bothering Kristina than what she’s revealed so far, but it may take some time to figure out what’s really going on with her.

This will be a short week of episodes, unfortunately, with new episodes airing only on Monday and Tuesday. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that these two shows will be jam-packed with action that will set the stage for an exciting fall season.