Melania Trump Joins Her Husband In Attacking ‘Fake News Media’ In E-Mail To Republican Donors

Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP Images

Melania Trump has joined her husband in attacking the so-called “Fake News Media,” attaching her name to a Republican fundraiser email that mentions the “attacks” on the president.

As Shareblue Media reports, New York Post writer Nikki Schwab somehow came into possession of the email, which she shared on Twitter. In the email, Melania repeats the narrative of her husband, that “Fake News” is making up stories in order to discredit the president.

“Democrats and the opposition media are doing everything they can to discredit Donald with false accusations by spreading their fake news…”

She then asks donors to sign a “Presidential Pledge of Support.” According to Multichannel News, that “Pledge of Support” asks supporters to declare their allegiance to Trump, and to back it up with a check.

“Dear President Trump, Please know that I am 100% behind you in these critical times. It’s extremely vital that we all stand together against the Democrats, the mainstream media and other powerful foes who are determined to derail your Presidency and destroy you personally.”

It is not clear, as of this writing, how much Melania actually had to do with the email. She likely didn’t write it herself, instead relying on staffers to do this sort of thing. And indeed, she may not have even authorized having her name attached to it, considering that she rarely publicly supports her husband’s policies, and indeed may have even secretly opposed them (more on that in a few paragraphs).

You can read the email in its entirety below.

Melania Trump has rarely publicly supported her husband’s agenda, preferring instead to focus on her role as mother to Barron, and to advocate for her “Be Best” initiative aimed at curbing cyberbullying.

Nevertheless, by some measures she may have even taken a stand against her husband. For example, back in June, when the debate was raging over the Trump administration immigration policy that resulted in migrant children being separated from their families, Mrs. Trump took a trip to a Texas detention facility. There, she was caught wearing a jacket with the message “I don’t really care, do u?” emblazoned on the back.

Though initially seen as tone-deaf and poorly-thought-through, and which her own communications director insisted was “just a jacket,” New York Times writer Vanessa Friedman actually made a case for her belief that the jacket was actually a thinly-veiled dig at her husband.

“To accept the idea she just threw the Zara jacket on… because it was close at hand and she was maybe a little bit cool (or something like that) is simply unbelievable.”

As of this writing, Melania Trump has not publicly responded to questions about her name being attached to the Republican fundraising email.