Police Seize Pineapples With Nearly 150 Pounds Of Cocaine In Hollow Cores


Authorities seized pineapples that contained dozens of pounds of cocaine.

According to a report from the New York Post, Spanish police caught the drug pushers who hollowed out the cores of the tasty fruit and filled them with almost 150 pounds of cocaine.

Authorities found the pineapples at the Mercamadrid, which is a market in Madrid that sells wholesale fruit and vegetables. The drug-filled shipment of 20 boxes arrived from Costa Rica through the Portuguese port of Setubal, Agence.

In a statement, police revealed that the pineapples were “perfectly hollowed out and stuffed with compact cylinders.” Each cylinder had a paraffin coating that helped to hide “odors of the chemical products which the drug contains and avoid its detection.”

Despite such well thought out coatings, authorities still managed to intercept the drug-laden pineapples. Drug-sniffing dogs overcame the attempts at hiding the drug’s smell and alerted those in charge at customs that the fruit contained drugs. In all, police ended up catching and arresting seven suspects in this drug raid. Three of those arrested were in Madrid, and the other four taken into custody were in Barcelona.

It seems that criminals will stop at nothing to move drugs and in recent years, authorities intercepted cocaine in a variety of unexpected and ingenious hiding places. Smugglers attempted to hide drugs in breast implants, wigs, a cushion on a wheelchair, a cast on a broken leg, and in a 42-piece crockery set.

While they didn’t contain cocaine, another shipment of pineapples made headlines today, too. According to a BBC report, two containers that were lost from a cargo ship in the Lombok Strait last October ended up washing ashore on beaches in Shetland. The 40-foot containers were filled with both pineapples and bananas from Del Monte, and last year during lousy weather, they washed overboard somewhere in the Atlantic. The ship they fell off of was headed to Dover.

It took about 10 months for the fruit to wash ashore. On Meal Sand Beach in Burra, Zoe Henry felt surprised to see such exotic fruit. She said, “I thought it was very strange – you would find them in a tropical island, not Shetland. I left them, they were a bit shriveled up.” Another person also photographed the unusual occurring fruit at Watsness over the weekend.

It’s been a bit of a bizarre day for pineapples from drug-filled to long lost, the fruit is having a bit of a moment.