‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For Monday, August 27: Annaliese Puccini Gets Flustered Over A New Arrival

Craig SjodinABC

Annaliese Puccini has been quite anxious to find love on Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, but it’s been a bumpy road for her so far. Puccini has talked openly about wanting to leave filming in Mexico engaged, but she’s already had some significant disappointments as potential romances fizzled out quickly. Now BIP spoilers hint that a new arrival could turn everything around for her.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Monday night’s show will bring an early departure from one bachelor and his exit will leave one gal feeling desperate and disappointed. However, the network teases, a new arrival gives her hope again. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have hinted that it may be Kenny King who leaves early, with Annaliese being the lady who is feeling desperate.

A new sneak peek from ABC shares that Kamil Nicalek will show up during Monday’s episode, and he quickly gets Annaliese’s heart fluttering. Nicalek first appeared on Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season this past spring. He didn’t make much of an impact during that journey to find love, but this New Yorker who was born in Poland may shake things up during Bachelor in Paradise.

Spoilers reveal that many of the ladies will be immediately smitten by Kamil when he arrives. Even the gals currently attached to others, like Jenna Cooper, Kendall Long, and Krystal Nielson, will be somewhat hot and bothered by Nicalek. Even Eric Bigger will notice the vibe and joke about the ladies all taking notice of Kamil, and Krystal jokes that Annaliese’s face lit up like a Christmas tree when Nicalek showed up.

Kamil has a tough decision to make when it comes to this date and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that he’ll choose Puccini for his wild ride of a first date. The ABC sneak peek shows Kamil and Annaliese chatting, and she’ll talk about how she loves the vibe of New Yorkers. She’ll be quite smitten right away, and it sounds as if they’ll have a pretty great date.

Could Kamil Nicalek finally be the match that Annaliese Puccini has been waiting for all this time? It does look like he’ll stick with her for the moment, but viewers will not want to get too locked into this pairing from the sounds of things. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that things are going to get complicated during Monday’s show in regards to multiple relationships and viewers seemingly have a lot to look forward to in this August 27 show.