‘OutDaughtered’ Stars Share Big News With New Social Media Pics

TLCDiscovery Press

The stars of TLC’s OutDaughtered have shared some big news on their official social media account and fans couldn’t be happier at the family’s big changes!

It’s back to school time for the Busby girls, and Danielle and Adam Busby took to the family’s Instagram to share some adorable photos of their precious daughters as they headed off to classes and shared in some late summer sunshine.

Adam and Danielle shared a sweet photo of their daughter Blayke, who entered second grade this year and added a touching caption to the photo of the child looking every inch a mini-me of her mother Danielle.

“Our Blaykers started 2nd grade today! Growing up so fast! We are so proud of this little girl every day. We know she will thrive through second grade and meet lots of new friends,” said the couple on Instagram.

The couple also noted that their quintuplets, Hazel Grace, Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Parker Kate, and Riley Page have also started preschool.

“Though their faces don’t show it here in the pic, they were SO excited about starting school!” said the couple of their five 3-year-old daughters.

The couple has shared their lives with viewers on their TLC series, where the most recent episode ended with a cliffhanger for the couple.

Danielle Busby has been complaining about stomach pain for several episodes and she finally took it upon herself to go to a gastroenterologist to see the cause of her distress. After stating that it could possibly be Crohn’s Disease, Danielle and Adam had a heart-to-heart talk about what would happen if their lifestyle were altered by Danielle’s diagnosis.

It was then that another, even more, major development in the couple’s life was revealed.

“How [does] your stomach feel?” Adam asked Danielle. “Oh my gosh. I haven’t had my period yet,” she responded.

After going back and forth about how Danielle should be keeping track of things like this, the camera cut to the couple sitting down on their couch having a serious conversation.

“You didn’t really get a vasectomy?” Danielle asked Adam. He dropped his head down to his chest, and before he could answer the question, the trailer ended, leaving fans with the question if Danielle was pregnant with the couple’s seventh child.

From the looks of the couple’s social media pages, it appeared to be the answer was no, but it was enough of a scare to keep viewers tuned in for this week’s all-new episode of OutDaughtered.

OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays on TLC.