Ashley Jacobs Dating ‘Multiple Men’ After Thomas Ravenel Split, Reports ‘All About The Tea’


Ashley Jacobs is wasting no time moving on from her relationship with Thomas Ravenel, and she’s reportedly doing so with more than just one man.

According to a report from All About the Tea on August 26, Jacobs was spotted on back-to-back date nights with a couple of different men over the weekend in Charleston, South Carolina — and one of those men is reportedly married with a baby on the way.

“The man Ashley was with is MARRIED — and his wife is PREGNANT,” a source told the outlet. “He and Ashley were in deep conversation, and left the restaurant together.”

The report claimed Jacobs and the alleged married man were together on Friday night, August 24, at the Thoroughbred Club at The Belmond Hotel.

All About the Tea shared a photo from Jacobs’ outing with the man, who they did not name, and in the photo, Jacobs seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she smiled at her dinner date.

The following evening, Jacobs was reportedly with Ryan Trout, a man she was first seen with earlier this month.

“Ashley met Ryan in early August — before she split from Thomas,” an insider revealed. “They text each other all day… Ashley really likes him.”

On Saturday, August 25, Trout posted a video of Jacobs on his Instagram story and in the clip, Jacobs was seen spending time on a boat with the Ravenel Bridge in the background. In screenshots shared of the video, Jacobs posed in a black one-piece swimsuit.

Ashley Jacobs has also reportedly been spending time with bad boy Connor Flowers, who is fresh off a DUI arrest earlier this year.

“Connor Flowers is a wild boy and hooks up with Ashley occasionally. He considers her a booty call, who likes to party,” a source explained to All About the Tea.

As if that weren’t enough, the outlet went on to reveal that Jacobs allegedly hooked up with one of her Southern Charm cast members. Although the outlet didn’t reveal which cast member it was, they promised to do so soon.

Although Jacobs seems to have her hands full with the numerous men she is reportedly dating after splitting from Ravenel weeks ago, All About the Tea told readers that she’s also spending time keeping tabs on her former boyfriend. In fact, she’s made it her business to make it seem as if she and Ravenel are still secretly dating despite his recent statements about their breakup.