Idaho Lawmaker Compares Obamacare To The Holocaust

An Idaho lawmaker made it clear in no uncertain terms that she’s not a fan of the Affordable Care Act (popularly referred to as Obamacare), opining that the legislation is not unlike a Holocaust on America.

Sheryl Nuxoll, a Republican state senator from Idaho, wrote an email to supporters criticizing President Obama’s signature legislation, reports The Huffington Post. In it, she said:

“The insurance companies are creating their own tombs. Much like the Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps, private insurers are used by the feds to put the system in place because the federal government has no way to set up the exchange.”

When asked by the Idaho Spokesman-Review to clarify her comments, Nuxoll walked back slightly saying that she meant no disrespect, but stood by her statement.

“I just want people to know the truth. I felt badly for the Jews – it wasn’t just Jews, but Jews, and Christians, and Catholics, and priests. My thing was they didn’t know what was going on. The insurance companies are not realizing what’s going to end up in their demise.”

Currently, Idaho is weighing a decision to support Governor Butch Otter’s proposal to set up a state-run exchange plan, which he believes will let state authorities have more control over the market.

Now, I’m not fan of Obamacare, and I have written dozens of articles highlighting its weaknesses and flaws in the past (heck, I did two just today). But do I think Obamacare is a Holocaust? No way. Not in the slightest. And it’s precisely that kind of melodramatic language that keeps both sides from having a substantive discussion on the issue of healthcare. As always, you’re free to believe whatever you like about it, but just because making such an outrageous claim sells newspapers doesn’t mean it’s remotely applicable.