NBA Rumors: Warriors’ Acquisition Of DeMarcus Cousins ‘Perfectly Fair,’ Says Coach Steve Kerr

Ezra ShawGetty Images

After winning back-to-back NBA titles, the Golden State Warriors were only expected to bring back Kevin Durant and add some players who could boost their second unit. However, despite being buried deep in the luxury tax hell, the Warriors still managed to make a huge upgrade on their roster with the acquisition of All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins in the 2018 NBA free agency.

Even with four NBA All-Stars as their starters, the 29 NBA teams were already having a hard time finding a way to beat the Warriors’ “Super Death Lineup.” The addition of DeMarcus Cousins, which addressed their only weakness at the center position, will make the Warriors unstoppable in the 2018-2019 NBA season. Though he is expected to spend most of the regular season recovering from an injury, Cousins is expected to be 100 percent healthy before the Western Conference Playoffs where the Warriors will be needing him the most.

Most fans and NBA players aren’t happy with the decision of DeMarcus Cousins to join the reigning NBA champions. However, in an interview with Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr insisted that Golden State’s acquisition of Cousins is “perfectly fair.” Like other NBA players, Kerr believes Cousins has the freedom to make his own choice.

Though his decision might make the 2018-19 NBA season boring and predictable, signing with the Warriors is best for DeMarcus Cousins’ NBA career. With their star-studded roster, the Warriors won’t need to rush Cousins’ return to the court, giving him more time to focus on his recovery. Aside from having a higher chance of winning his NBA championship, playing on a team like the Warriors will give Cousins the opportunity to prove that he can return to his All-Star form. His performance in the upcoming season will be crucial as it will determine his value in the summer of 2019 where he will once again become an unrestricted free agent.

Despite the addition of another All-Star, Coach Steve Kerr made it clear that they won’t be making major changes to their on-court strategies. Kerr said there will be some changes in the aspects of their routine, but they will not change their style of play for Cousins.

“We have our coaching retreat and that’s going to be the major topic of discussion.,” Kerr said. “My gut is to change some things up, to change our routine a little bit. We’ve basically been doing the same thing for four years. We’re not going to change our style of play. We’ll definitely add a few plays for DeMarcus (Cousins) down on the block. But for the most part, we’re not going to change who we are.”