Legendary Horror Series ‘Amnesia’ Finally Coming To Xbox One

Frictional Games StudioAmnesia: The Dark Descent

In 2010, an indie game studio in Sweden managed to change the horror genre forever. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a game that managed to enrapture audiences — even ones that weren’t playing the game. The title is credited with making horror game “Let’s Play” an art form, with many users skyrocketing to fame in the YouTube scene because of their Amnesia videos.

However, to limit Amnesia to a strictly visual experience wouldn’t do the game justice. Despite the game being nearly a decade old, it still holds up as a remarkable piece of work — one that will still scare your pants off through atmosphere alone. You play as Daniel, a young man suffering from amnesia, as you struggle to make your way through a terrifying Prussian castle. However, ghosts are the least of Daniel’s concerns.

The castle is plagued by things far more sinister, including horrific, mangled monsters and a lovecraftian entity known only as “The Shadow.” As you make your way through the castle, you find letters and clues about Daniel’s past: he was a guest of Baron Alexander, and is now a fly in a web of unspeakable horror.

Despite being only compatible with PC upon release, the game gained a cult following. Since then, it’s inspired other iconic horror games like Outlast and Alien: Isolation, both of which featured unique settings and plotlines.

The game, the DLC side-story Justine, and the sequel, A Machine For Pigs, have all received ports for Mac, Linux, and even Playstation 4. Now, the chilling collection is coming to Xbox One.

According to Eurogamer, the entire collection is coming to Xbox One at the end of August. This comes as a surprise, since the game was ported to Playstation 4 a few years ago, and no indication was given by Frictional Games that they would be bringing the franchise to the Xbox One.

The announcement was made on the Xbox Wire website, and has been making rounds among horror game enthusiasts and fans of the series.

“This horror game collection contains three Amnesia titles: The Dark Descent, A Machine For Pigs, and Justine. Experience the series that kickstarted the Let’s Play revolution and be immersed in three living nightmares that will chill you to the core.”

The impact and history of Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a well-documented topic, and the game still continues to terrify players to this day. By bringing it to new consoles, developers are making it possible for new players to discover the horrors within Brennenburg Castle.