‘Big Brother 20’: Showmance Heats Up Between Tyler And Angela

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

Entering a showmance might as well be a death wish in the Big Brother house, which is why Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans have tried hard up until this point to keep their feelings a secret. The two are still somewhat denying their adoration for each other to their fellow houseguests, but no one is believing their coyness.

A showmance account dedicated to “Tangela” on Twitter has been documenting every moment between the Hilton Head locals, and the couple has built up their own little fandom online. Tyler and Angela have come a long way since last week when they were doing their best to hide kisses and touches from the camera but these last seven days appear to have worn them out.

The two have been spotted in Angela’s HOH room this week snuggling in bed as often as possible. Tyler is not allowed to spend the night upstairs since he is a have-not for the week. After getting ready to leave her bed this morning, Tyler was told by Angela not to leave her just yet to which he offered to get up and make her some coffee. This was all documented by the “Tangela” Twitter account, which has caught some cute exchanges between the two.

Tyler Crispen of BB20
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“How are you so perfect at 10 in the morning,” Tyler was caught saying to Angela in bed.

The duo has been spotted more and more on the live feeds snuggling with one another, which they were unable to do last week during Faysal Shafaat’s HOH. They were forced to sleep in one of the downstairs bedrooms with the other houseguests and tried to stay apart from each other as much as possible.

A Big Brother Live Feeds Twitter account also noted that Tyler asked Angela on a date early Sunday morning. Angela accepted and then the two decided on either spending time together in Hilton Head or Los Angeles. Tyler then suggested Hawaii for their date, as he won a trip to the exotic location during a Power of Veto competition earlier in the season. Tyler had initially promised to take Brett Robinson, but it seems his friend might be put on the back burner.

Angela Rummans of BB20
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Now that their showmance is out to fellow houseguests, Tyler and Angela could become bigger targets than they already were. Stay tuned with the Inquisitr for more updates on this budding “Tangela” romance.

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