Another Fail: Large Hadron Collider Once Again Loses Power

The Large Hadron Collider is a billion dollar project that has been criticized by some doomsayers as the device that will eventually create a black hole and doom us all. Then again it can’t even stay powered on to accomplish that disaster. The Collider this morning suffered yet another power outage that also took down the colliders website for a short period of time.

According to LHC operators, the family was the result of an affected 18,000 volt power line this morning. Thankfully for researcher their large diesel powered backup generators were able to keep the units supercooled magnets from warming up and they were soon back in business.

The image on this page is the picture of a broken component which may have been part of the problem, although no official statement has been released in regards to the cause of the accident.

As SlashGear pointed out, it’s not the first issue the collider has faced, earlier a bird dropped a piece of bread on the device which caused some of its electronics to short-circuit. While other issues have left the collider unused for long periods of time as fixes were implemented.

The Collider in this case fortunately should be back up and running at full capacity by the end of the day.