August 26, 2018
A Deadworld Zombie Regeneration Energy Drink Is Being Launched By Caliber Comics

On August 14, 2018, Caliber Comics was proud to bring horror and energy drink fans their newest Deadworld comic tie-in treat, the Deadworld Zombie Regeneration Energy Drink, reports Horror News. The energy drink comes in a can, providing 11.1 ounces of liquid pumped full of vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and caffeine.

Retailing at a suggested retail price of $2.99, the Deadworld Zombie Regeneration Energy Drink features highly detailed graphics on the label. Previously, the company had released a line of glass bottled Deadworld Zombie Sodas, which are available for purchase throughout various retailers and distributors around the United States.

According to reports, the sodas have already found a loyal following among craft soda drinkers, pop culture fans, horror fans, and many zombie lovers alike. This new energy drink likely hopes to compliment the sodas, pulling in even more of a consumer base to the products. The energy drink or the sodas pair also with the Deadworld original potato chips, which state on the bag that they are "horrifyingly good."

Both of the Deadworld beverages are positioned to be sold as year-round products, and are certainly ready for the Halloween consumer season. Caliber Comics has additional information regarding their products listed on the website, with contact information available to any distributors, retailers, and consumers interested in the sodas and this new Deadworld Zombie Regeneration Energy Drink, or any of the company's various products.

Caliber Comics is an American comic book publisher that was established in 1989 thanks to Gary Reed. The company has published more than 1,300 comic books and graphic novels since then. Caliber ranked as one of America's leading publishers before it ceased all publishing in 2000, only to return in 2014. The founder, Gary Reed, recently passed away in 2016, notes the Caliber Comics website on the page dedicated to his memory.

Eric Reichert, who is Vice President at Caliber Comics, commented on the dedication page, speaking out about his memory of Reed and their initial foray into the company.

"When Gary and I decided to re-establish Caliber Comics three years ago we had a long term plan to make the company once again a beacon for independent creator titles and help launch the careers of up and coming writers and artists where we could. And Caliber Comics will continue to move forward with its publishing and multi-media endeavors as we execute this vision."
As for those who are unfamiliar with Deadworld, it is noted as being a "critically acclaimed action driven horror comic series that attacks the zombie menace from a different supernatural perspective." Initially, Deadworld was published by Arrow Comics for the first seven issues, which were illustrated by Vince Locke and scripted by Stuart Kerr. The comics quickly became a cult favorite. When Arrow Comics ceased production of all its titles, the rights of Deadworld were sold to Locke, who then transferred all of the rights to Gary Reed's Caliber Comics. Reed himself took over as primary writer by the 12th issue, reported in an article in their archives.