‘Big Brother 20’: Tyler Crispen Continues To Solidify Final Two Deals With Just About Everyone

Monty BrintonCBS

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

Making an alliance with everyone in the Big Brother house might sound like a dangerous game, but it seems to be working out just fine for Tyler Crispen this season. The Hilton Head lifeguard is being regarded as the season’s best player, something not commonly associated with someone who has multiple alliances. On last Thursday’s eviction episode, Tyler admitted in the diary room that he might be making too many deals with his houseguests, locking in a Final Two deal with Angela Rummans, JC Mounduix, Kaycee Clark, Sam Bledsoe, and Brett Robinson. He even had a Final Two with Scottie Salton, who was just eliminated this past week, but could potentially return in the battle back.

Tyler was even seen on the live feeds recently solidifying his Final Two deal with Brett, but viewers are having a hard time figuring out just where his true plan lies at this point. A live feeds spoiler Twitter account documented the Final Two conversation with Brett, where they admitted they wanted to take “Level 6” to the Final Four, and then eliminate both Angela and Kaycee before the Final Two.

Jury management has become an important strategy in the game of Big Brother and this might be where Tyler loses votes if he doesn’t play out all these Final Two deals correctly. Some might see his gameplay as genius and give him their vote if he makes it to the end, others might be more sensitive and see the move as backstabbing and offer their vote to the other remaining player.

Tyler will also have to decide who he has the best chance against should he make Final Two. Faysal Shafaat was caught on the live feeds saying Tyler could beat Angela easily at the end of the game because there are four votes against her now in the jury house, according to Big Brother Network. Tyler will also have a hard time beating JC and Sam, both who appear to be friendly with just about everyone in the house. As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, JC has not been on the block once this season, despite never winning a challenge.

Big Brother host Julie Chen believes Tyler has a legitimate shot as long as he manages the jury properly.

“The only difference is I think Tyler’s personality is just so laid back and likable that he might just get away with it! If he makes it to final 2, then it all depends on how he does in his final speech to the jury and how he handles their tough questions. Paul’s problem last year was that he choked during those portions. He showed no remorse, wasn’t charming, was too defensive, and rolled his eyes and made faces while Josh was making his case. It was an unlikable moment for someone who was so likable and truly beloved by his teammates throughout the game,” she admitted to Entertainment Weekly.

For now, the only two players Tyler doesn’t have a deal with are Haleigh Broucher and Faysal, who are both sitting on the block this week. Whoever walks away with safety after Week 9 could potentially arrange some kind of deal with Tyler, although it’s unlikely.

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