Duggar Son-In-Law, Jeremy Vuolo, Is In Sunday Morning Heaven With Baby Felicity

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Duggar fans just can’t get enough of the latest baby born into the reality TV family. Apparently, neither can her daddy, Jeremy Vuolo. He is fitting right in to his new role as father to Felicity Nicole. The pictures says it all.

Both Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been posting a few snapshots of their newborn daughter on social media since her birth on July 19,and she is already a little star. The most recent photo was posted by the Duggar son-in-law on his Twitter account, depicting just how much he loves Sunday mornings. Of course, he and Jinger spend every Sunday morning attending their church in Laredo, Texas, where Jeremy is a pastor. Now that it is the three of them these days, the first day of the week just got a little sweeter.

The picture that Jeremy shared was that of him in his Sunday morning best, holding Felicity in his arms. She looks like she is letting out a big yawn. Her daddy looks quite fascinated by the whole thing. They both look quite relaxed just chilling together. The caption on the post simply said, “I love Sunday mornings.”

Another photo that the new dad posted on Instagram just a few days ago had him holding his daughter as well, but this one was a playful snap. Jeremy was making a fun daddy face for Felicity, as she is seen staring right up at him with an amazed look on her face. He wrote, “Supreme joy,” on that post. By the looks of it, he has no problem at all taking turns with Jinger caring for their firstborn.

Duggar fans have made many comments recently on which parent the baby takes after. Most have agreed that she has Jinger’s wrinkled nose and her huge eyes. It was evident in a photo that the Duggar daughter posted on Saturday of the adorableness of her baby. A closeup shot of the baby’s face showed her excited expression that made her eyes pop out wide. Fans noticed and commented that Jinger does the same thing. One fan said, “Oh this is so Jingers baby! Look at that adorable expression!” They also see a bit of Jeremy in her as well.

Everyone seems to be melting over baby Felicity, especially Jeremy Vuolo. She may have her daddy wrapped around her little finger already. Jinger and Jeremy will be celebrating their two year wedding anniversary in November. They waited almost a year before they got pregnant, which is almost unheard of in the Duggar family.