‘Big Brother’ Alum Paul Abrahamian Pens Lengthy Post About Time On Show

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One of the most memorable contestants to ever play the game of Big Brother, Paul Abrahamian, is still discussed on social media despite not being on the show anymore. Paul first came to fame on Big Brother Season 18, and became known for his trademark phrase “your boy,” and for being all about “friendship.” After losing in the final two to Nicole Franzel, Paul returned in Season 19, and somehow made it to the final two yet again. It was always a bridesmaid, never a bride, when Paul walked home with the second place victory yet again.

Throughout Season 19, Paul began losing some of the massive fan base he had built up, because many thought CBS was pulling strings in his favor. Paul was granted immunity for four weeks once entering the house, something never done before in the Big Brother. The clothing designer was able to manipulate most of the BB19 cast, and had them throwing competitions and voting just how he wanted every week. Paul still catches slack for his time on BB19, and recently addressed how he feels about the whole situation on Twitter.

“I generally like to mind my own business & don’t typically talk about this because it’s pretty f****** silly; but some people still come at me as if I’m a member of Big Brother production, make executive decisions for the show, &/or asked them for help along the way,” he began.

Paul Abrahamian of BB19
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“As far as that goes; I’m just a regular dude who was asked to compete on a game show twice, did whatever I could to make it to the end of the game twice, & was just a single vote from winning the grand prize, twice. I had a good time, met some cool people, made some good money, changed my life, & crossed off a ton of experiences from my bucket list – but some of you insist on trying to make me ‘feel bad’ for losing a game..?”

Paul still tweets about the current season of Big Brother, and is constantly bashed in the comment section, as many people disregard his opinion because he lost the game twice. While Paul generally seemed to be favored by production in BB19, houseguests are not given special treatment regarding the game just because they have asked for it. CBS chose to give Paul immunity in one of their twists, likely because he was good for television.

Paul and Cody compete in Battle Back comp
Paul tried to stop Cody from reentering the BB19 house.Featured image credit: Sonja FlemmingCBS

Tyler Crispen of this season is also being regarded as production’s darling, because he gets a ton of air time and was on CBS’s newest competition show, Total Knock Out, at the same time Big Brother was airing.

Big Brother airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. EST, and every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.