Professional Gamer Eli ‘True’ Clayton Feared Dead In Jacksonville Mass Shooting

Christian PetersenGetty Images

News on the Jacksonville shooting is currently being released, but current reports state that there have been multiple fatalities. According to preliminary reports by CNN, 11 people were shot, four of which have since died. One suspect has been confirmed dead by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department, though details about their identity and death are unclear.

The shooting occurred during a video game tournament being held in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The shopping-dining complex was hosting qualifiers for the Madden 19 Tournament. Many experienced players were in attendance, one of which was shot in the thumb when the shooting began.

There are conflicting reports about the victims involved in this tragedy, but many are fearing that Eli Clayton, known by his handle “True_818,” lost his life during the shooting.

Information on what happened is being relayed through Twitter, making it unconfirmed and thus debatable. However, a video of True at the tournament is being circulated, and the footage shows him with a red dot on his chest. This implies that the shooter was using a laser sight, and Clayton was a target. Statements by witnesses back up reports that the shooter’s gun was outfitted with a laser sight to improve his aim.

There are also reports that his representative witnessed True being shot, only feeding the belief that he was killed during the event. Many fans are mourning the loss of this prolific player, while others insist that they should wait for confirmation.

According to his official profile on the website for EA Sports, Eli “TrueBoy” Clayton is a 22-year-old competitive Madden player from Woodland Hills, California. He is considered one of the best players in the league, and has won over $51,000 playing competitively. However, he still remained humble despite his success. During a recent interview with EA’s Matt Franciscovich, Eli described himself as “I’m not a trouble maker. I’m always laughing and joking around.”

If reports are true, Clayton’s passing is a tragic one that will impact everyone who knew him. Hearts go out to Eli and his family, and there are still those who hope he survived the tragedy.

Unconfirmed claims about the shooter(s) are being passed around as well, with some reports claiming that a player committed the crime after losing a game. One player known as “Bread” is currently being pinned as the shooter. It is unclear whether or not this is true, and it is also unknown if this is the suspect that the Sheriff’s Department reported dead.

As of now, nothing has been confirmed, and any news is to be considered rumor until officials release more information. The Inquisitr is currently covering this story as it unfolds, and more information will be added when it becomes available.