‘Big Brother 20’ Host Julie Chen Discusses Faysal Shafaat’s Interesting HOH Reign

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

After each week’s live eviction on Thursday, Big Brother host Julie Chen sits down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the previous week’s drama. This week’s discussion was particularly interesting as the longtime host got to share her thoughts on Faysal Shafaat’s interesting Head of Household reign.

Faysal received a ton of backlash online during his HOH last week, namely because he put one of his last alliance members on the block. Scottie Salton was one of the three remaining members of “The Hive” alliance, alongside Faysal and Haleigh Broucher. After Faysal spoke with JC Mounduix before nominations, JC convinced him to put up one of his alliance members, persuading him by appealing to Faysal’s sense of romantic jealousy.

JC pitched the notion that Scottie had a thing for Haleigh, the house guest Faysal had been crushing on all season. Although not technically a lie, JC’s speech convinced Faysal that Scottie was a bigger threat than anyone else in the “Level 6” alliance.

Scottie was also placed on the block because Faysal did not believe his alliance member when it came his story surrounding the Rockstar flip vote. Brett Robinson claimed that he voted to keep Rockstar, when it was in fact, Scottie. Entertainment Weekly asked Julie if Faysal was playing with his heart or playing off a lie.

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“All of the above. It was kick-started by Faysal not believing Scottie — for whatever ridiculous reason — that Scottie didn’t vote out Rockstar and decided to believe Brett over his Scottie. The Haleigh part of it was just the nail in the coffin,” she said.

Julie then admitted to the publication that she particularly enjoyed Zingbot’s roast of Faysal this year. The shady robot called Faysal a moron, referring to his questionable gameplay. The Big Brother host also enjoyed Brett and Sam Bledsoe’s roasts.

“Three-way tie between Brett being called a douche, Faysal being called a moron, and Sam being called crazy. The crazy comment about Sam was only bad because of the reaction of the others hiding, which means they all think it and were scared / embarrassed for her. Plus, Sam’s reaction showed how hurtful it was cause she looked like she was going to cry cause she feels it’s kind of true,” she admitted.

Zingbot on BB20
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Julie’s thoughts on Week 9 of Big Brother will be out soon, and her take on Faysal and Haleigh sitting on the block will be interesting, to say the least.

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