The Top 5 Sexiest Latina Bikini Models To Follow On Instagram

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The top 5 sexiest Latina bikini models to follow on Instagram are an eclectic mix of ladies with different styles and backgrounds who share the common trait of keeping their Instagram feeds among the hottest around. While some of the ladies are full-time models, others got into the business via their main career. While some would argue that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira should be here, since they really don’t work as bikini models, they will be left for another countdown.

One of the examples of someone who landed work as a bikini model after attaining success in her primary career is Jimena Sanchez, a commentator on the Latin American Fox Sports Network, appearing on Lo Mejor de Fox Sports. She is never bashful about wearing Raiders and Yankees gear in her pics, which she sometimes gets a little guff over, but never anything too harsh. When she isn’t filming a new segment, Sanchez enjoys surfing and takes on a fair amount of modeling work.

Although she had been compared to Kim Kardashian in the U.K., according to FHM, she prefers to avoid such talk, shrugging it off and saying she is just happy to be herself. Her 4.6 million Instagram followers seem to like that approach to life and wait for her next set of pics to be posted, which can range from shots from a recent gig to snaps taken on location for work.

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Arianny Celeste, AKA Penelope Lopez Marquez, lives in the U.S. and is working as a ring girl in the UFC in addition to co-hosting the television show Overhaulin’. Celeste stays extremely busy modeling for magazines including Maxim, and has a strong social media presence which she has used to help build her own business selling tee-shirts and videos that deliver personalized messages to her fans.

Dolly Castro from Nicaragua rolled all of her passions into one to help become an online fitness giant. Her work as a fitness trainer helped her land some modeling gigs, which in turn helped build her client roster as a trainer. She took that to the next level to develop and market her sportswear fashion line which has enjoyed solid success in Latin America. She spends most of her time now trying to make her brand more global, and taking on some modeling gigs here and there as she builds her empire.

Lisa Morales Dukes from Cuba now resides in her adopted home, Miami. Dukes is a well-known philanthropist in Latin America who gained her fame and wealth as a television personality and model. She is a bit of a social media powerhouse with followers in the eight-figure range. She was an early adopter of the idea of using social media as a means to make money as a sponsored advertiser of various products, which further increased her wealth. She has her own line of fitness training courses she sells online, as well as a small but growing clothing line.

Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model and serious gym rat, as reported at Generation Iron, which she regularly peppers her feed with photos of. She does a considerable amount of modeling work and has a few contracts as a brand ambassador as well. Her main gig is running a pair of fitness programs that stress a healthy living lifestyle including diet and nutrition guides to complement her workout programs. Whatever she is selling her nearly 11 million followers on Instagram alone are snapping up whatever she’s selling.

One of the many things that makes each of these ladies special is that they have all begun, or already built, businesses that will live on when they have decided to stop modeling. They’ve all become very successful, and serve as an inspiration to millions of their fans. If this is the first time hearing of these ladies, check their Instagram feeds out, give them a follow, and enjoy.