The Top 5 Sexiest Latina Bikini Models To Follow On Instagram

Inquisitr Staff

The top 5 sexiest Latina bikini models to follow on Instagram are an eclectic mix of ladies with different styles and backgrounds who share the common trait of keeping their Instagram feeds among the hottest around. While some of the ladies are full-time models, others got into the business via their main career. While some would argue that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira should be here, since they really don't work as bikini models, they will be left for another countdown.

One of the examples of someone who landed work as a bikini model after attaining success in her primary career is Jimena Sanchez, a commentator on the Latin American Fox Sports Network, appearing on Lo Mejor de Fox Sports. She is never bashful about wearing Raiders and Yankees gear in her pics, which she sometimes gets a little guff over, but never anything too harsh. When she isn't filming a new segment, Sanchez enjoys surfing and takes on a fair amount of modeling work.

Although she had been compared to Kim Kardashian in the U.K., according to FHM, she prefers to avoid such talk, shrugging it off and saying she is just happy to be herself. Her 4.6 million Instagram followers seem to like that approach to life and wait for her next set of pics to be posted, which can range from shots from a recent gig to snaps taken on location for work.