Camp Counselor Justin Maska Allegedly Asked A 12-Year-Old Girl To Send Him ‘Dirty Pictures’

Salem County Corrections

New Jersey camp counselor Justin Maska has been accused of sending “lewd” messages to a 12-year-old camper, asking the girl for photos of her in her underwear and telling her what he would like to do to her, is reporting.

Maska, 23, had been a hockey coach and camp counselor the Deptford Skating Center Summer Day Camp, where he allegedly made contact with a 12-year-old female camper. The details of their relationship, such as how they met, what sort of relationship they had while she was at camp, and similar details, have not been made public as of this writing.

What is known is that Maska somehow allegedly gained access to the girl on social media. Police say that on August 15, Maska allegedly sent messages to the girl on social media, asking her to photograph herself in her underwear. Specifically, according to The Cinnaminson Patch, he allegedly told her he wanted to see her in her bra and a thong. Further, he allegedly told her “what he wanted to do to” her, according to a police report.

What happened next is unclear. Maska was fired from the camp, as well as from his multiple other jobs, including as a semi-professional hockey player, hockey coach, and scoreboard operator. A week after the alleged incident, Maska was arrested. However, it appears that parents and children at the camp were kept in the dark about the incident, at least for a few days.

Eventually, parents of the campers were given a statement, although the statement didn’t mention the alleged sexual nature of Maska’s messages to the camper.

“Dear Parents,
You’re entitled to know a recent news report that involved a counselor at an unnamed camp was at the DSC Summer Day Camp. The extent of his misbehavior was to attempt to talk to one camper through social media. As soon as we learned of this incident the counselor was terminated and law enforcement was contacted. We are pleased to know that no one was harmed, and the parents of the camper has (sic) seen fit to allow them to return to camp. We regret this unfortunate incident but look forward to finishing up the summer season…”

Maska, who appears to have no prior criminal record, faces charges of cyber harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. He is currently released on his own recognizance but is not to have any contact with the alleged victim or any unsupervised visits with children under 18 except for his own siblings.