‘Southern Charm’s’ Thomas Ravenel Officially Calls Time Of Death On Relationship With Ashley Jacobs

The end of former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel’s one-year relationship had several false starts, but the ex-politician is now speaking out, using verses from pop music to tell fans that he’s done, hinting that infidelity on her part might have played a role in ending the dalliance. Whatever the cause, Ravenel is ending things just in advance of the lease renewal of the apartment he claimed to have rented for her in Mt. Pleasant.

Thomas Ravenel has taken a long break from social media, but he’s back with a pronouncement on Twitter that he’s single and “ready to mingle.”

“Today, my personal life just took a huge upward turn. I finally have more than enough information to move forward without any doubt or hesitation and I’ll never look back.”

This new attitude seems to follow photos on social media and Instagram stories about Ravenel’s now ex out in town with other younger men. In fact, Jacobs was spotted with a guy who dressed up as Thomas Ravenel one year for Halloween (complete with white powder under his nose) named Ryan Trout.

But what might have started as a nice evening of “canoodling” took a turn when Jacobs spotted Southern Charm cast member Naomie Olindo out on a couple’s date with Madison Simon and her fiance. Sources suggested that Jacobs had been overserved and started ranting at Olindo, raising her voice and calling the pretty blonde a “b***h.”

Olindo and her boyfriend left quickly, followed by Gwynn’s VP Simon.

But after photos of Jacobs with her hand on Trout’s “tail” appeared in the press, Ravenel became whistful, posting deep thoughts on the words of Peter Cetera of Chicago.

“After 30 years I finally understand the lyrics from that wonderful Chicago tune: ‘If she would have been faithful, if she could have been true, then I would have been cheated, I would have never known real love.'”

Ravenel ended his post with a line from Eagles drummer Don Henley by saying “Sometimes love just ain’t enough.”

But while Ravenel is talking about a future with love and rose gardens, AATT has been tailing Ravenel’s ex and claims to have spotted her with two other men in addition to Ryan Trout. They shared one man’s mug shot, and refused to name the third because they say he is married and his wife is pregnant, and sharing his name wouldn’t be “family friendly.”

Jacobs shared a day out with Trout and friends (two were regular Southern Charm extras, including a former Ravenel date) on the water on her latest Instagram story.

Something says we are just getting started.

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