Meghan Markle Unlikely To Forgive ‘Emotionally Abusive’ Father According To One Royal Expert

Arthur EdwardsWPA Pool/Getty Images

As Meghan Markle’s family drama drags on, people everywhere wonder what it will take to bring it to an end. Some wonder if a solution even exists. Well one royal expert says it’s unlikely that the Duchess of Sussex will be able to bring herself to forgive her father because his emotional abuse has made him untrustworthy.

Months before Markle’s fairy-tale wedding to Prince Harry, her family seemed very supportive of her upcoming nuptials. As recently reported by Inquisitr, her father Thomas Markle, half-sister Samantha Markle, and half-brother Thomas Markle, Jr. all expressed their excitement about the match. All that seemed to change when her father profited from “paparazzi photos” he staged. Since then, the mudslinging from him and Samantha has been constant with the harshest comments coming from her father. Victoria Arbiter, the royal commentator for the Australian women’s network 9Honey, describes some of his comments as “emotionally abusive” and says it’s unlikely Meghan will be able to find a way through it to forgive him.

“Some of what he’s said has been emotionally abusive. It’s been threatening, it’s been cold, and it’s been embarrassing and humiliating — sort of every negative connotation you can think of — he’s hit the nail on the head.”

The Inquisitr reported on 73-year-old Thomas Markle’s latest attack on the Royal Family in which he compared the royal family to Scientology and “the Stepford family.” He has charged Meghan and the Royals with ostracizing him and has portrayed himself as a victim ignored by his daughter despite having made her the woman she is today. Arbiter, however, says that he brought this situation on himself.

“Mr. Markle was offered help time and time again. A member of staff was even sent to Mexico to collect him to bring him to the airport to help him with the whole process. He repeatedly turned it down — so no, he has himself to blame entirely.”

Meghan seemed sympathetic to her father’s situation prior to the wedding, releasing a statement in which she said she was saddened that he wouldn’t be attending, that she cared for him, and that she understood his need to focus on his health. That, however, was before the unending media attacks on her and the royal family.

Many solutions have been suggested, including Meghan visiting her father and trying to just put it all behind them and move on. Arbiter doesn’t see that as a possibility.

“A lot of people are saying Meghan needs to just go over there and talk to him but I don’t think she can — how can she possibly trust him? And the minute your trust is broken, then you’ve really got a big problem on your hands.”