Mariah Carey’s Diet Secrets – How The Singer Dropped 40 Lbs

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Pop icon Mariah Carey has allegedly struggled with her weight for most of her life. Her recent photos on Instagram show a more svelte figure, especially the photo she posted Friday night in which she wears a stunning leopard print dress. So how has the singer pulled off the stunning transformation? According to Hollywood Life, the singer has completely overhauled her diet, removing processed food, non-natural sugar, and eating more vegetables and lean meats.

According to a source close to the singer, “Mariah’s also being really strict about portion control. She’s eating a lot slower, and she’s mindful of when she’s feeling full and when to stop eating.”

Not only has the diet helped her drop 40 lbs, but the singer has become more active. Though Mariah is still not a big fan of hitting the gym, the singer still tries to take a long, brisk walk every day even if she just walks on the treadmill. “She also tries to fit in a daily session of swimming and water aerobics.” Additionally, the source says that the “Fantasy” singer feels like she’s got more energy and feels like she’s back in her 20s again. She finally feels in control of her body, the source says something that has never been the case for the Grammy-award winner.

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Carey’s absolute favorite exercise? According to the source, the singer enjoys a strenuous romp in the boudoir with her new boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka.

“She loves nothing more than working up a sweat with Bryan every morning, which is obviously something he’s very happy to help out with!” said the source.

In Mariah’s recent Instagram photo, her hair is perfectly curled and her smile is bright. Carey’s fans seemed to be both delighted and shocked by the singer’s weight loss. While one commented, “you’re so skinny I can’t see you in this picture, where are you?” another said, “OMG, you’re so gorgeous!!!” Yet another said, “Damn you don’t age at all!! You look like the Mariah from the video my all. Tell us your secret! You look amazing omg.”

As the Inquisitr recently reported, the singer has struggled recently to get back into the spotlight. Though she has an estimated net worth of $520 million, ticket sales have decreased, especially in her much-anticipated return to Las Vegas. According to Radar Online, the Colosseum in Las Vegas has roped off about 1,200 empty seats – nearly half of the seats in the venue. Additionally, the singer has recently been called out by her former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, who claims the singer was “sexually inappropriate” with her.