Demi Lovato’s House Burglary Plan Averted By Law Enforcement, Per ‘TMZ’

Christopher PolkGetty Images

While singer Demi Lovato is recovering at a live-in rehab facility outside California after her near-death tryst with drugs, law enforcement agencies averted a plot by burglars targeting the 25-year-old’s LA home, according to TMZ.

Strangely enough, when officials first arrested a group of thieves shortly after news broke out about Lovato having overdosed nearly a month ago, they had no inkling that the burglars were actually planning to rob the singer’s house. They were arrested for a different crime, but on further investigation, LAPD officials found electronic communication by the group members about plans to rob Demi’s house as she recovers for an extended period of time at an out-of-state rehab facility.

Conscious that associates of the arrested group members would still try burglary, LAPD officials placed surveillance at Demi’s home, hopeful that any encroachment or attempt to rob her house will be swiftly denied. And it appears their methods are working, as there have been no break-ins at her house. Officials, however, are still expecting some action, and are likely to keep patrolling her house in the coming days.

TMZ reported that the robbers who have been arrested do not only target celebrities, as some high-profile robbers are known to do, but Demi Lovato was definitely on their radar.

Meanwhile, Lovato is reportedly recovering well and writing some of her best music at the rehab facility. A source close to the singer told Hollywood Life that Demi’s “near-death experience” has made her stronger and she feels more alive than ever. Lovato is now channeling all her energies into creating new music, which, she believes, will strike a chord with fans undergoing addiction problems.

“Demi’s brush with death has inspired all kinds of new music. She is doing much better and is channeling her energy in a positive way. Demi is feeling so grateful to be alive. Things were much worse than her fans may realize… she was really close to death. Demi is taking this second chance at life and using it to write some of her strongest, most heartfelt lyrics ever.”

The “Tell Me You Love Me Singer” had relapsed after six years of sobriety, and the music world was left watching with bated breath as news emerged on July 24 that Demi had overdosed on OxyContin laced with the powerful painkiller Fentanyl. She was hospitalized for a week, but fortunately, she fought hard to recover and is now feeling stronger than ever.