Ryan Seacrest Enjoys Vacation In France With Girlfriend Shayna, Takes Adventurous Ride On Water Jet Pack

Steven HenryGetty Images

Ryan Seacrest is one busy man. He plays host on American Idol and co-host alongside Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly and Ryan. Don’t forget that he still has his radio show he does everyday as well. But his hectic life certainly doesn’t prevent him from enjoying any free time that he has in between work. He and his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, have been enjoying some fun in the sun on their European vacation.

The couple has been spending plenty of time on the water. They enjoyed some relaxation on a yacht but also had a little adrenaline action on the open seas. According to The Daily Mail, Seacrest hopped onto a high-powered water jetpack to spring himself all over the place. He is seen donning a helmet as a safety precaution and a water vest and got strapped onto the board to see what he could do.

The 43-year-old entertainer flew upwards and over the water as Shayna looked on from the small boat. She had her phone in hand taking photos and videos of her guy’s adventure. She wore a pair of denim shorts and a pretty floral blouse for a cool sail on the open sea.

For a few moments, it looked like maybe Seacrest was having a hard time getting used to the device as he was flying sideways for a bit and hitting the water hard. However, it looked like he finally got the hang of it and had a blast. After his jet board experience was over, he got back onto the yacht to tell his girl what it was like. There was no indication that Shayna tried to do the same thing. She may have just been happy to take it easy on the boat while watching her famous boyfriend have fun.

Just days before trekking to France, Ryan and Shayna were spending some romantic time together in Italy. They were seen packing on the PDA on a boat ride and walking hand-in-hand heading out for dinner. They have had plenty of romance and adventure on their recent trip together.

The lovebirds have been dating for a few years. They broke it off for a bit, but they are now going strong. They bought an apartment together in New York City after Seacrest was hired to co-host with Kelly Ripa a year ago. He talks quite often about Shayna on the morning show. He frequently spills on their life together, especially their food adventures both at home and going out to restaurants. He sure has some stories to tell.