Fan Attacks Beyonce And Jay-Z On Stage At Close Of Atlanta Concert, Frightening Incident Caught On Video

Duane ProkopGetty Images

The blockbuster summer “On The Run II” tour by Beyonce and Jay-Z played its 33rd date on Saturday night in Atlanta, per Billboard, but the show ended with a bizarre and frightening incident that made the first of two shows on successive nights at Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium perhaps the most memorable of the tour so far — for all the wrong reasons.

According to a report by The Mirror newspaper, the show “descended into chaos when someone appeared to run onto the stage and try to chase after the famous couple.”

The seemingly crazed fan who attacked the iconic music superstars had not been identified as of early Sunday morning. But according to social media users who witnessed the disturbing scene, it was the tour’s backup dancers who intervened to stop the attacker and protect the couple whose combined financial net worth, Forbes Magazine reported, recently soared past the $1 billion mark.

In the track “Boss” on her latest album, Beyonce boasts “My great-great-grandchildren already rich. That’s a lot of brown children on your Forbes list.” The line is not inaccurate, as Forbes reports the couple’s combined net worth at $1.255 billion, with no end to their earning in sight.

Whether the attacker on stage in Atlanta had any of that on his or her mind Saturday is not yet known. A fan in the audience captured the unsettling incident on a cell phone video that quickly went viral on Twitter. The video was also posted on YouTube as seen below.

“There’s at least 10 backing dancers on stage still performing their routine, and they don’t realize what’s happening at first,” the Mirror account describes. “As soon as they do, they stop dancing and appear to chase after the stage invader and try to tackle them before the couple’s huge security team gets involved.”

A video from another angle taken by a fan at the concert also shows the attack against Beyonce and Jay-Z, who appear to be unharmed in the incident.

It wasn’t all bad news for Beyonce and Jay-Z on Saturday however. Also on August 25, the pair’s “OnThe Run II” tour shot to the top of Billboard Magazine‘s “Hot Tours” list, jumping ahead of Taylor Swift, on the strength of a pair of sold-out shows at Chicago’s Soldier Field which saw Beyonce and Jay-Z play to 86,000 fans and rake in more than $21 million at the box office. The summer tour has so far grossed upwards of $150 million and has been seen by 1.4 million concertgoers — including the one who somehow leaped onstage and attempted to reach the couple on Saturday night.