‘Big Brother 20’ Week 9 Spoilers: POV Winner Revealed

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

A new Power of Veto winner has been crowned as Week 9 of Big Brother Season 20 rolls on. As the Inquisitr reported Saturday evening, Angela Rummans had been crowned the ninth Head of Household after Thursday’s live eviction, making her the first houseguest this season to hold the title twice. Angela ultimately nominated Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher for eviction, the last two remaining members of “The Hive” alliance.

Despite having a fake alliance with Tyler Crispen, Haleigh, and Faysal, Angela had to make the tough decision to throw the two houseguests up earlier than she anticipated to. Angela’s loyalties remain strong with her “Level 6” alliance members, which has been running the house for weeks, even though they have not always had the power in their favor.

The houseguests competed in the ninth Power of Veto competition on Saturday, and it was revealed by Big Brother Network that Kaycee Clark walked away with a victory. Kaycee, a loyal member of “Level 6,” has been Angela’s closest ally other than Tyler this season. The football player is likely to keep nominations the same, and not ruffle the feathers of HOH Angela.

Kaycee Clark of Big Brother 20
Kaycee Clark is the Week 9 POV winner.Featured image credit: Sonja FlemmingCBS

Angela has made it clear that her target this week is Faysal, and now that he was unable to walk away with the POV, he will likely be heading home. Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler have all been caught talking on the live feeds about keeping Haleigh and voting Faysal out, even promising the former that she was safe to her face.

Faysal has been extremely upset on the live feeds when they returned nine hours after being offline and feels he should have won the POV hands down. The exact competition the houseguests competed in is unknown at this time, but a separate Big Brother spoiler Twitter account has documented Faysal complaining about losing by one point. This could suggest the houseguests competed in the classic BB spelling POV where competitors have to create the longest word after digging for letters in mud and muck.

Haleigh and Faysal of Big Brother 20
Haleigh and Faysal are the current nominees for eviction.Featured image credit: Sonja FlemmingCBS

The Power of Veto ceremony will take place Sunday evening where Kaycee will make her choice to keep nominations the same or shake things up. If she decides to pull either Faysal or Haleigh down, Angela will have to choose between Brett Robinson, Sam Bledsoe, and JC Mounduix as replacement nominees. JC is the only Big Brother 20 houseguest who has yet to be on the block this season and has no competition wins.

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