Paul Flart, Security Guard Fired After His At-Work Fart Videos Went Viral, Seeking Fan Donations To Keep Going

His real name may be Doug, but to his Instagram followers, he’s Paul Flart, the Florida hospital security guard who recently gained online fame for documenting his episodes of flatulence at work and sharing them via social media. With Flart having been recently fired from his job after his Instagram page went viral, it now appears that he’s accepting donations to help finance the activity that made him famous.

In a video interview with the New York Post, Flart explained what motivated him to post videos of his farts on social media, saying that the acoustics in the front lobby of the hospital he worked in were “really good.” After recording a clip of himself farting and showing the video to his friends, they suggested that “more people need to be on this,” hence the hospital security guard’s decision to rename himself partly after Kevin James’ titular character in Paul Blart: Mall Cop and share the videos on Instagram.

Paul Flart also lamented the downside of his viral fame to the New York Post, relating that people have posted “unsolicited fart videos” in an attempt to copy him, and also tried to go one further than his act by posting videos of themselves defecating on camera.

Regarding his firing, Flart said that he was unfairly terminated from his job, stressing that he only committed “very small” transgressions during his time working in the hospital, and never neglected his duties just so he could take a fart video and post it on Instagram.

“I didn’t think I’d be intercepted in the parking lot and served termination papers in the parking lot and threatened with legal action.”

Despite getting sacked for his fart videos, Paul Flart remained upbeat in his interview, expressing his intent to continue “making people happy” through his social media activity. The New York Post also noted that Flart created a Patreon campaign to help fund his endeavors. So far, the campaign, which includes $1 and $5 tiers, has attracted 27 patrons and achieved 21 percent of its goal.

“I’m Paul Flart. I make fart videos on Instagram for the joy and happiness of all who see them. My goal is to be the first person to make a living off farting after getting fired from my job in a public manner,” the campaign description reads.

As of this writing, Paul Flart has over 67,800 followers on his Instagram account and close to 4,200 subscribers on his YouTube channel. As previously noted in a report from the Inquisitr, Flart documented his firing on Thursday after his superiors told him that he had been caught recording 75 videos of himself farting on “the client’s property.”