Meghan Markle's Family's American Heritage One Of The Reasons For 'Disaster,' Says Royal Expert Penny Junor

Meghan Markle's family has become well-known to royals fans, as her dad, step-brother, step-sister, and an uncle have all made their opinions on the duchess very clear. In the midst of what the U.K. media have sometimes dubbed the "Markle debacle," everyone's been wondering if the royal family will do anything about the drama. And as the feud rages on, royal biographer Penny Junor points to several reasons that the drama started, and continues. One of which is Meghan's family's American heritage, detailed Express.

Junor didn't say this to be dismissive, but simply to point out that the Markles lack a "sort of inbred respect" towards the royal family that British citizens typically have. She went on to explain the situation from the Markles' perspective.

"They don't have that innate respect, and why should they? From their perspective, this is just a family with a lot of money and a lot of power, soft power, who they would argue are behaving badly."
Additionally, British PR expert Mark Borkowski points out that one of the biggest faux pas may have been not inviting any of the Markles to the royal wedding, besides mother Doria Ragland.

"We all have relatives that perhaps we are not so keen to see," he said. "Being in that position and having a wedding with that sort of profile, I think you just have to bite the bullet and invite your relatives."

But with all of that aside, the Markles don't appear to be slowing down with their media outbursts. Even an uncle came forward recently to gripe about not being invited to the wedding. And while it may be unseemly or against royal protocol for these family members to be giving these interviews, one may look at the situation as the result of a family that felt wrongfully shunned.

And the problem has escalated, Borkowski points out.

"They're d*mned if they do and d*mned if they don't. [The American media agencies]'re feeding [Thomas] and he is performing like some sort of dancing pony by keeping this narrative going."

That description is quite on the mark, considering that Thomas Markle has given interview after interview to media outlets. In particular, the Daily Mail has run several interviews and even published an article that Thomas wrote to dispel rumors about him.

As the rest of the family follow Thomas' lead and give interviews, write letters, or even post inflammatory tweets, the Markles don't show any sign of letting up on their campaign.