Kim Kardashian Looks Fierce After 24-Pound Weight Loss: Now Weighs 116 Pounds

Kim Kardashian is in the best shape of her life following her 24-pound weight loss, and is proud of her smoking-hot bikini body. And the mom-of-three credits simple diet and exercise for her sleek physique at age 37.

The 5-foot-2 Kardashian — who weighed almost 200 pounds during her two pregnancies — lost 24 pounds during the past few months, and now weighs a sleek 116 pounds.

What’s more, the brunette bombshell now boasts an enviable 24-inch waist, and couldn’t be happier.

Slimmed Down From 140 Pounds To 116

“I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m really proud of that,” Kim told E! News. “I was almost 140 forever and now I’m, like, 116. And it just feels good!”

Kardashian, who has struggled with weight all her life, said sticking to a healthy, portion-controlled diet and doing regular weightlifting workouts totally transformed her body. She urged her fans to stay consistent with their fitness regimen, and they will see results just like she did.

“I didn’t see results right away, but when you stick with something and you’re consistent, you will,” Kim gushed. “I love it!”

Kardashian gave herself props on Instagram during a gym workout this weekend. In one video clip, Kim wears a black sports bra while commenting, “My abs these days look so good.”

Kardashian usually turns head with her eye-popping fashion style, but this summer, it is her bombshell bikini body that generated countless headlines.

Kim said her weight loss secrets were an organic diet and rigorous workouts that combine weight training and calisthenics, as the Inquisitr has reported. The busty beauty also does lots of squats and lunges to tone her glutes and thighs.

Surprisingly, Kardashian’s new workout routine emphasizes lifting heavy weights over cardio exercise. Kim said she was skeptical at first about doing weightlifting over cardio, but her stunning weight loss and streamlined bikini body has made her a believer.

Kim famously lost 70 pounds after her two pregnancies with the low-carb, high-fat Atkins diet, but ditched her low-carb diet in favor of a portion-controlled organic diet earlier this year.

“There’s a myth that eating carbs is bad, but this isn’t true!” she revealed on social media in May, 2018. “After I introduced carbs back into my diet, I felt so much better.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star added, “What really matters is the amount and quality of the carbs that you eat. Focus on eating nutritional food and avoiding food that’s processed.”

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Kim said after transforming her body, she finally realized diet is more important for weight loss than exercise.

Exercise has countless important health benefits, but your diet is responsible for 80 percent of your weight loss progress, Kardashian said.