‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Hits Netflix Next Month

Gene PageAMC

A few days ago, Inquisitr reported the official list of all the movies and TV shows scheduled to be added and removed from the Netflix library for September of 2018. While it is a long list with a lot of options, one of the more notable additions hitting the streaming library next month is Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

As fans of the AMC zombie series know, the premiere of Season 9 is right around the corner. So, the confirmed release of Season 8 gives Netflix subscribers the perfect opportunity to binge through before the premiere of the new season.

As anyone with a Netflix subscription knows all too well, the zombie genre isn’t a category Netflix has done a lot of dabbling in. So, shows like The Walking Dead and iZombie do a nice job filling that void. If you are looking for something zombie related to watch on Netflix while waiting for the release of Season 8, there are a few options to consider such as Z Nation or Santa Clarita Diet.

Fans of the series have coined Season 8 as one of the most intense seasons since the show first premiered. Season 8, however, was also met with a lot of criticism because several key members of the cast announced their retirement from the series. This included members of the cast who have been with the show since it began.

Many believe Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the role of Negan, is largely to credit for keeping the show thriving while it loses some major cast members.

Season 8 Netflix Release Date

For anyone with a Netflix U.S. subscription, Season 8 of The Walking Dead has an official release date of September 24. What’s On Netflix – a fan site dedicated to all Netflix related news – notes this release date comes a little later than normal, as Season 7 of the series was released at the beginning of September.

While Netflix tends to follow a pattern of releasing seasons of a series on the same schedule every year, AMC uses the release of the previous season on Netflix as a way to promote the new season airing on the network. So, the deal is set up for Netflix to release the season shortly before the new season airs.

Naturally, one of the biggest concerns Netflix subscribers have is if they will ever have to say goodbye to The Walking Dead. After all, it has been a pretty rough year for subscribers with Fox and FX pulling their shows from the streaming giant. Moreover, all Disney content is scheduled to be removed in just a few months as well.

While AMC does tend to release content to Hulu on a regular basis, they have a solid agreement with Netflix for The Walking Dead. The network seems to work streaming deals out on a title-by-title basis instead of on their content as a whole.