Tennis star Andy Murray dumped over PlayStation 3 addiction

Don’t ever accuse me of not bringing you the hardest-hitting gaming news out there, reader.

According to the Daily Telegraph, slightly whingey, snaggle-toothed Scottish tennis star Andy Murray has been given the boot by girlfriend Kim Sears over the amount of time he spends on his PlayStation 3 each day. *Sniff* I’m so proud of you, Andy.

The culprit game? Well, it’s Modern Warfare 2, isn’t it. Surprised you need to ask really. Does anybody out there play anything else nowadays? Anyway, here’s what a “source” told the paper:

“One of the causes was the world number four’s long hours playing video tennis and PlayStation 3 games such as the best selling Call of Duty sequel.”

According to former coach Brad Gilbert, Murray regularly plays games for seven hours a day. Apparently, that’s not “normal.” Pffft.

[Daily Telegraph, via CVG]