Was The Logan Paul Vs. KSI Boxing Match Rigged? Fans Think Shady 'Draw' Is Meant To Set Up A Rematch

Logan Paul and KSI fought to a draw on Saturday, and fans think there's something fishy going on.

The much ballyhooed match between the YouTube stars ended with no winner, as the judges scored the six-round bout as a majority draw. That came as a surprise to many fans, who were equally split in thinking that Logan Paul's early round flurry should have earned him a win -- a point raised by the Sun -- and backers of KSI, who noted that he dominated the final two rounds over a clearly gassed Paul. Instead, it ended in a draw and the prospect of a rematch.

After a fight that was largely a publicity spectacle, many fans thought that the entire outcome may have been planned out ahead to set the stage for a rematch -- and another chance to get more money out of fans. The YouTube stream for Saturday's fight was only $10, so it's not clear yet what kind of revenue it generated, but the fight was popular among the mostly teenage fans of the YouTubers, and a rematch likely will be as well.

As the Sun report noted, neither British star KSI or American YouTuber Logan Paul appeared to be ready for the pace of the short bout, with gloves dropping in the later rounds.

"Both fighters struggled with the pace of the six-rounder but Logan was able to drop his hands for long spells, safe in the knowledge KSI posed no threat," the report noted. "KSI did rally in the final round but his wild haymakers should not have been enough to sway the judges after Paul had got off to such a flying start."

The fight was the headliner of a card filled with YouTube stars and gamers, with Logan's younger brother, Jake Paul, winning his own bout before Logan entered the ring in Manchester.

This is far from the first time that boxing fans have speculated that a fight may have been rigged, the result of the subjective nature of fights that go to the judges' cards. That was the case with the Gennady Golovkin vs. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, which also ended in a draw earlier this year and prompted cries that the bout was rigged to set up a rematch.

While both Logan Paul and KSI mentioned the idea of a rematch after their boxing match on Saturday ended in a majority draw, there's no indication yet that anything is in the works.