Kylie Jenner Slays In Tiny Top And Black Sweats That Have An Adorable Story Behind Them

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Kylie Jenner just unleashed a sultry photo of herself in an Instagram photo that’s already accrued 1,450,636 likes so far. What’s really adorable about the photo, however, are the whimsical pants she’s seen wearing in the picture. The sweats the blond bombshell is wearing with pride have a story behind them — they come from her boyfriend Travis Scott’s limited brand of casual clothes.

Makeup mogul and reality TV star Kylie Jenner is shown in the Instagram photo running her hands through her platinum locks. She’s also sporting a tiny leopard-print top that shows plenty of skin. She completes the ensemble with a matching gold watch and bracelet topped off with seamless makeup. The owner of Kylie Cosmetics and glamorous star of Keeping up With the Kardashians fame is always a draw with the social media crowd, garnering lots of praise for her look on Instagram from users.

Badgirlpreh said, “How can a human be this cute[?]”

“She’s giving me hair envy.. shall I go back to the blonde side?” commented blueeyedview.

Others, such as krystal_kal, alluded to those insanely cute sweats writing, “Where can I buy those joggers at?????”

To answer krystal_kal and others, the black sweats Kylie Jenner wore for the image are from Travis Scott’s Astroworld limited edition line that was only available for 24 hours when they debuted, according to style website Icon. The merchandise pieces — that have since sold out — were part of a fourth drop consisting of relaxed and casual clothing such as t-shirts, sweats and hoodies. The laid back attire from the 26-year-old singer’s line features playful and messy art offered on both black and white backgrounds.

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As seen in the Instagram photo, Kylie Jenner was able to snag a pair of unique sweats — she does have special privileges, after all. The black sweats she is wearing are illustrated with phrases such as “Wish You Were Here,” “Thrills and Chills,” and “Out of This World.” The graphics are derived from the amusement park theme illustrated on Scott’s third studio album, Astroworld. The Astroworld clothing line was made with Travis Scott’s large fan base in mind and in celebration of the release of the album.

Travis Scott is telling his fans that although they missed out on the fourth drop of his casual pieces, they will have a chance to own them again in the near future with drop five on the way. Every purchase of the merchandise on his online store has so far been accompanied by offers for pre-sale tickets to his upcoming tour — and a digital version of the recent album.