‘The Onion’ Slammed Following Tasteless Piece About Meghan McCain

Andy Kropa/Invision/AP Images

No one is safe from The Onion’s satire, not even the family of ailing senator John McCain. The website is facing criticism for an article that mocked his daughter Meghan McCain after the family announced that they will be discontinuing medical treatment for his aggressive brain cancer, The Daily Wire reports.

“Meghan McCain Forced To Live Out Socialist Nightmare Of Empathy for A Sick Person,” the headline read.

Meghan is a co-host on The View who regularly voices conservative opinions. Last month, she fired off a rant about socialism on the show, GQ reports, in which she expressed her disapproval of congressional candidate Alexandria Occasio Cortez’s platform.

“This makes my head explode,” McCain said when another host said that the pillars of democratic socialism are evident in “successful countries.” She went on to say that she hopes the Democrats run a democratic socialist platform because she believes that will cause them to “lose spectacularly” in the midterm elections.

But it’s clear that many people believe that Meghan McCain should be exempt from satirical criticism given her father’s grim prognosis. One of them was American Idol alum, Clay Aiken.

“There’s a line… and it is WAY behind you!” Aiken wrote. “I usually love The Onion, but whoever wrote this and/or approved it TODAY (of all days) should be fired. We can’t condemn Trump for his nastiness yet allow others to get away with it in the name of “satire” or humor.”

Others agreed with him.

“Does anyone associated with you have a soul please advise,” Bethany S. Mandel tweeted.

But others defended The Onion’s right to publish the article, given Meghan political stance and her father’s past policy decisions.

“John McCain didn’t have a soul when he was pushing for war and forsaking people to death so am I supposed to feel bad now? Nah. The world will be better when he’s gone,” a user with the handle jerry_saviano tweeted in reply to The Onion’s original post.

Twitter user Chris Cardinal agreed.

“I mean, it’s harsh and it’s cutting satire, but the point here is highlighting the hypocrisy of not giving a damn about anyone’s trials until they’re specifically, explicitly impacting YOU, which is the GOP standard operating procedure.” he wrote.

Meghan Mccain hasn’t responded to The Onion’s article via Twitter as yet but she did use the platform to express her gratitude for the support she and her family have received as they deal with her father’s debilitating illness.

“We could not have made it this far without you – you’ve given us strength to carry on,” she wrote.

Senator John McCain was diagnosed with glioblastoma last year following surgery to remove a blood clot from behind his eye. As AJC reports, symptoms of the disease include blurred vision, headaches, vomiting, and a loss of cognition. The prognosis for this type of cancer is typically pessimistic.