‘Big Brother 20’s Scottie Salton Says Fessy Shafaat Is ‘Genuinely An Idiot’ After Boneheaded Game Move


Scottie Salton is speaking out on his unexpected eviction from the Big Brother house during a week when one of his allies was Head of Household. Salton, who was booted from the CBS reality competition by a unanimous vote, has revealed that he thinks HoH Faysal Shafaat, his onetime ally, is a moron for putting him on the block. Salton added that if he finds out “the green-eyed monster” was the reason for his eviction from the game, he will be “livid.”

In a post-eviction interview with The Toronto Sun, Salton, a 26-year-old shipping manager from Chicago, revealed that he still can’t understand why Fasyal, whose nickname is Fessy, wanted him gone after he had been working alongside the HoH — and his showmance Haleigh Broucher — all season.

“Either (a) [Fessy] is a stupid moron, or (b) he has some kind of secret deal with someone. I am going to pray it’s a secret deal because otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.”

In a last ditch effort to save himself shortly before the live Big Brother eviction episode, Scottie Salton admitted to Fessy that he has feelings for Haleigh. That seemingly flipped a switch for Fessy, who wanted him out of the house even more. But Salton told TV Guide that it never crossed his mind that admitting his feelings for Haleigh would hurt his chances of staying in the house.

“Never crossed my mind. If I find out he kept me on the block because I like Haleigh, I will be livid. I never ever thought it was a possibility.”

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While Salton tries to wrap his head around why Fessy would choose to directly put an ally on the block, he seems to hope that there’s some unknown alliance that he doesn’t know about. Otherwise, he thinks Fessy is a complete idiot.

“If he isn’t in an outside alliance that was trying to get me out and he targeted me for no reason, this is the stupidest thing. It doesn’t make any sense. If he sacrificed me because of jealousy or something from Week 2, he is genuinely an idiot.”

Many Big Brother fans took to Twitter to issue similar sentiments about Fessy’s gameplay, with several calling him an “idiot” and “moron” for targeting Scottie.

Scottie Salton also called Fessy a “hypocrite,” telling Parade he thinks any reasons Fessy had for targeting him are just “dumb”, and that the 26-year-old substitute school teacher blamed him for doing things that both he and Haleigh told him to do. Salton said if their alliance had been a true one, he wouldn’t have ended up on the block for following their plans.

“I think he is a hypocrite. Whether or not he is in a secret alliance or he is just dumb, his reasons for targeting me were just dumb… I did everything Haleigh and Fess told me to. And it ended up getting me on the block. If that alliance was true, then none of that made any sense.”

Salton reiterated that if he gets out of the Big Brother house and finds that Fessy wanted him out due to the time he spent with Haleigh, he will be beyond angry.

“If I get out of here and find out that is what happened, I am going to be so pissed that he would be that petty. That would infuriate me. There is no way it was that petty of a reason! That would suck.”

Just one day after Scottie’s eviction, Fessy Shafaat may already have some regrets. According to a Twitter post made by BB20 Live Feed Updates, Fessy was heard on the live feeds telling Haleigh, “We suck at this game… you sent home Rockstar and I sent home Scottie… I never should have sent home Scottie.”

Of course, the tables could turn very quickly for both Scottie and Fessy. With a Jury Battle Back set to play out next week, someone is coming into the Big Brother house — and it could be Scottie.

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. CST as well as on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Central via CBS.