Donald Trump Met With One Of The Top QAnon Conspiracy Theorists In The White House

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New reports suggest that noted QAnon conspiracy theorist Michael “Lionel” Lebron had a private meeting with Donald Trump earlier in the week, even posing for a selfie with the president and posting the photo on Instagram on the day after the meeting.

According to the Daily Beast, Lebron and his wife were at the White House on Thursday, where the couple posed with Trump in the Oval Office during their visit. While Lebron did not share too many details about the meeting aside from referring to a “special guided tour” of the White House, his Instagram post on Friday was effusive in its praise, as he captioned the photo with the following words.

“There simply are no words to explicate this profound honor.”

As explained by the Daily Beast, Lionel Lebron is among the more prominent supporters of the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory. The theory’s anonymous clues pieced together from internet forums have been interpreted by its believers as a sign that Donald Trump’s administration and the U.S. military are working together to fight an alleged worldwide cult of pedophiles in a “high-stakes shadow war.” Despite a lack of evidence to support the claims within, QAnon supporters have also claimed that the clues are being given by a high-ranking Trump source, the publication continued.

In a YouTube video he also shared on Friday, Lionel Lebron claimed that his meeting with Donald Trump did not involve any questions about QAnon, its “Where we go one, we go all” slogan, or anything relating to the theory in general. He did suggest, however, that Trump might be familiar with the theory and what it suggests.

“By the way, never said anything about Q [to Trump]. I would never ever want to be known as somebody who would connect the president for something. I think we all know he knows about. Never said it. Never came up.”

There simply are no words to explicate this profound honor.

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The New York Post also noted that Lebron claimed on the video that Trump had personally scheduled the visit and guided tour, where he took time to show him and his wife around the White House while Democrats, Trump’s fellow Republicans, and the “entire Deep State” all try to get the president removed from power.

While four unnamed White House officials declined to provide comment on Donald Trump’s meeting with QAnon theorist Lebron when asked about the matter, the Daily Beast claimed that two of the officials “couldn’t hold in their laughter,” with one of them referring to Trump as a “president for all Americans,” even those who believe in unproven conspiracy theories.