Selena Gomez Teases Fans With Photos From Latest Collab With Cardi B, Ozuna and DJ Snake

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Making many fans’ Friday night, Selena Gomez shared photos to Instagram showing off her latest collaboration on a new music video with Cardi B.

The “Back To You” singer is seen with her dark hair long and messy with bright red lipstick to match her collaboration team’s attire. Ozuna is showcased in Selena’s first photo, where she posed with a playful pout. The next photos show her hugging Cardi B and then sitting in director’s chair with the whole cast including DJ Snake.

today was so fun

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Earlier in the day, Cardi B posted a sneak peek for fans, which created an uproar on social media of four director’s chairs with the artists’ names on the back, with even a tiny one for her new daughter, Kulture.

“Soon come ;) ON SET,” the 25-year-old captioned the photo, both Ozuna and DJ Snake soon reposted the legendary photo, giving fans even more reason to be excited.

Soon come ;) ON SET !

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On Friday morning, Cardi B went live on Instagram sharing how excited she was to collaborate with the legendary artists.

“Right now, I’m on my way to set. Today, I’m gonna do a music video for a DJ Snake [song] featuring Ozuna and a surprise artist,” she shared. “This artist is a surprise, but when the song is out ya’ll gonna find out.”

Selena teased her fans as well with videos on her Instagram story highlighting the day and evening the star had.

“Ok. I’m here with my legend queen, Cardi, Snake is looking so extra with his glasses. And Ozuna. I hope you guys like our song.”

Sharing a video wearing a white tank top, red statement earrings, and a cherry red lip, the former Disney star said she was sweating after starting off the shoot but the queen, pointing the camera to Cardi B, looked “flawless as always,” as the star donned a red lace gown.

The “Wolves” singer began to share with her fans her surprise on Thursday evening when she posted a video with a table of chips, fruit, and other snacks.

“Back in L.A.,” she said to her fan base. “Can’t wait to get this work done.”

DJ Snake confirmed that the collaboration was for his latest single on his Instagram story on the same day, writing, “In Los Angeles shooting the music video for my next single.”

While Selena’s fans wait for the upcoming, untitled album, the “Back To You” singer confirmed it will be full of collaborations, but did not share names, according to People.

“It’s very honest, but playful and I felt like creatively it is in a really great direction, I just wanted it to feel like what is going on in my head, which was a lot.”