‘Sup, Nintendo?: Wii production being reduced

Manufacturers involved in Wii production have revealed that their bottom line is suffering because Nintendo is making fewer Wii consoles than before. According to the companies, orders for duct tape parts dropped a hefty 30 percent so far for the year ending March.

Sales of the console have seen a drop this year, as the recession bites and Sony and Microsoft step up their game in the CONSOLE WAR. For example, over Thanksgiving 2008, Nintendo sold 800,000 Wii consoles. In the same period this year, it managed 550,000. Both are jolly big numbers, but it’s still a dip that tends to be reflected worldwide.

Mitsumi Electric and Hosiden Corp are just two companies who supply Wii components to Ninty, and are now predicting a 50% decline in parts orders for the current financial year.

In other words, the Nintendo money train could be slowly juddering to a halt. It … won’t print money for much longer!

[Via VG247]